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  1. Dh and I have our 11 year anvi. this thur. and we are thinking about getting new phones for each other but would love some advice. Both are phones are over 3 years old and we are with At&t but under no contract. Dd is 5 and almost out of Kindergarden so I have spent alot of time this year waiting in lines to pick her up or waiting at dance class, so I thought it would be really nice to be able to check email or get on facebook while I am waiting. Dh would also like to check email and surff the web some. Dh is not very patient when it comes to phones and computers so I need to find something that is easy to use and would love some advice.
    So I have heard sprint carries some android phones like HTC Hero with GOOGLe or Samsung Meoment with Google and that you can get one internet plan to cover both phones unlike with At&t where we have to each pay $30 a month. We can afford the $60 a month I just want to make sure it is really worth it. Dh and I keep our phones for a while so I am just trying to get us the best phones.
    Thanks for any info you have,

  2. I'd start off by going into a Sprint store and touching the actual phones you are interested in. Decide whether you like a touch screen or an actual keyboard, etc.

    And, for my standard pitch... If you are seriously considering Sprint, be sure to check out the Pre and the Pixi! They are both great phones and I LOVE my Pixi!

  3. ******I just read your original post....if the Sprint ANDROID is different than the Motorolla DROID, than you can ignore my entire post! I will keep it up in case anyone else is considering a Motorolla Droid......

    I have had 2 Droids in 6 weeks. My DH has had one for several months and never had any issues. Google this....."Droid Mute of Death". You will read MANY MANY complaints about this phone. I wish I had read them before I purchased one and let my 30 days lapse.

    Here's the problem in a nutshell: The sensor on the touchpad phone is VERY sensative to certain people. Some can use the phone with no issues (like my DH) and others cannot complete a phone call (like me). Somehow when I am talking on the phone, the sensor activates the touchpad screen and my cheek activates another function (like adding another call) and places my current conversation on MUTE. So I will be having a converstation and all of a sudden I hear the other person saying...HELLO?, HELLO? HELLO? until they finally hang up. This happens about every other phone call, and sometimes I have to call the person back 3x to finish a conversation! IT IS SOOOOO ANNOYING!!!!!!

    This happened about 10 times during my 30 day return period, but i just thought I was hitting something and needed to learn how the phone works better. My friend who has an IPHONE said she hangs up on people once in a great while when her cheek hits the touchscreen. Well, right after my 30 days lapsed, my cheek started to mute EVERY phone call! I went to verizon and they claim they've never heard of this happening...yeah, right. They would not give me a new phone even though it was less than 6 weeks old. They sent me a refurbished phone and after one day of using that one, I wanted to scream. This phone was even worse than my original phone. SO i packed up the refurbished phone and sent that one back and said, no thanks.

    I started doing tons of research on this DROID phone and realized how big of a problem this is. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE everything else about this phone. I got a tip online about holding the phone to your left ear while you talk so you have the sensor covered better. I started doing this a few days ago and have only lost ONE phone call since. It is very annoying to have to talk on a certain ear and not move much when you talk. But I am hoping I will get used to talking on my left ear becaues I am basically tied to this phone for a couple years.

    Anyway, just wanted to share my experience with you. Like I said, my DH uses my phone and it doesn't hang up on him? But as you will read online, they think it is due to how different people send off different amounts of static electricity or something like that.


  4. i LOVE my iphone - BUT there is no way you can get a plan for under $100 per phone each month.....

  5. I love my iPhone, and so does my dh.

    I have no idea about the other ones you mentioned.

  6. I have an iPhone because DH moved to ATT. My Blackberry at Verizon was expiring. I like the apps that I didn't have with my BB but I am not sold on the touch screen. I still prefer my old BB with a regular keys.
    I am so addicted to IVFC and other web activities that I don't know how to function now without having access all the time.

  7. I have an iPhone because DH moved to ATT. My Blackberry at Verizon was expiring. I like the apps that I didn't have with my BB but I am not sold on the touch screen. I still prefer my old BB with a regular keys. I am so addicted to IVFC and other web activities that I don't know how to function now without having access all the time.

    Why don't you have access? I access IVFC from my iphone.

  8. I do have access on my iPhone. What I meant was now that I am so used to be connected all the time it would be difficult for me not to have a phone without web/e-mail access. I became addicted with the BB. I am not totally sold on my iPhone but if I had to choose between a touch screen phone with web/e-mail access and a regular phone without it I would go with the touch screen phone.

  9. i hear you!! i am so addicted to my phone - i left it at work yesterday and am physically sick today - i feel so out of touch!!!

  10. I recently got a HTC Droid Incredible through Verizon. I LOVE IT!!! I am a total gadget junkie and this is my favorite phone ever. So fast, you can buy tons of apps for it (and there are a lot of free ones too), holds all of my music (can get an app that will sync your iTunes library with the phone), and it doesn't come with ATT's terrible coverage issues (at least ATT has terrible coverage around my area). I have no issues with getting my emails, syncing my calendar, surfing the net (did I say it was super fast). I have had three different kinds of Blackberries and this phone puts the BB to shame...and I really did like my BB's.

  11. Thanks you all so much for your help. Last night after dh and I had an very nice aniv. dinner we went out to sprint and at&t to look at phones and we ended up both getting the Iphone 3gs that can take video. Now I can't wait to play around with it today and start to learn all the in's and out. I am so excited about being able to get onto ivc while waiting to pick up dd.

    Thanks again,

  12. Oh, I just saw you got the Iphone. Anyway, I wanted to let you know that Sprint is coming w/ the Evo, the only 4G phone on June 4th now.sprint.com/evo/?id9=SEM_Google_C_Sprint_HTC It is also Android enabled.
    Happy Anniversary!

  13. Enjoy your iPhone!!!! LOVE mine (on it right now!!)
    the video feature is cool. I've recorded DS a couple times and emailed it to DH while at work and to DS's Godmother , who lives in another state.

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