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  1. Hello - I've been lurking around for some time now and decided to post as I see what a family everyone seems to have become.

    I am in my 2ww of my fourth IVF cycle. (1-failed, 1-chemical & 1-cancelled). I had my retrieval on 2.22 and my transfer on 2.25. They transferred 3 embryos - 1- 7 cell, 1 - 8 cell and 1 - 11 cell. Assisted hatching was done on all three. I go for my beta on March 13th which feels like years away, but I do my best to not worry about it, it doesn't do much good anyway!

    So, although my fourth time, I feel a little different but don't know if it's all in my head. I am doing PIO and 3 2mg Estrace pills 2 times a day. I get these little twinges in my belly now and then and sometime if sneeze or get up too quick, I get a sharp pain that lasts about less than 10 seconds.

    Anyway, just wanted to introduce myself and say hello and good luck to all of you. This is a windy road we're on but I believe it makes us all stronger and things will be positive in the end for everyone!

  2. Hi - I had my transfer on the 25th too. This is my third IVF (I got a DS from IVF #2) and I also had one FET that failed and my first IVF was a total disaster. Your symptoms sound good. I too have stitches in my stomach - one on each side so I "think" I might have two in there. . . BUT, I change my mind about this about every four hours. I'm think that I'm pregnant and then I decide that I can't be sure. I am going to HPT soon.

    When I had BFP with DS I had terrible back pain like AF was coming. I also got nauseated one night for about 10 minutes and I had pulling in my stomach. I can't remember if I had spotting.

    When I did my FET, I didn't feel anything. I'd feel a twinge in my stomach and would keep waiting for it to come back and it never would. I'd have a little cramp and then it would never come back. So I think if you feel a sensation in one spot and it keeps coming back, that's a good sign. You just never know.

    Also, when I did the failed FET, I woke up feeling like I had the flu so I really thought I might be pregnant, but I was wrong. Also, I had terrible cramps towards the end of the 2ww - that was obviously AF coming. I did HPT and they always came back negative.

    I think things sound good for you this time.

  3. The twinges and the pin is as a result of the estrace and Pio

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