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  1. I've just started Lupron for my second IVF cycle and am fairly confident at giving myself the SubQ injections (I'm still a little nervouse but overall ok). Last cycle everything happened at home at the kitchen table. This time around I'm venturing out of the house a bit more and so far know that I will have to do the Lupron shots at my house duing a dinner party, at a friends house during a group gathering watching football, in my office before heading to the theatre and in the car on they way out of town.

    Additionally I will be starting stims during an out of town wedding, where I don't know what facilities are available and won't be able to sneak away to my hotel room. And would like to have my hubby with me to double check my dosages as it is the first night. I expect that this is all doable, but would love some tricks and tips for how you organized yourself, made exuses to sneak away from your friends/family and generally felt confident about the whole process when you don't have the safe environment of your own home.

    For reference I will be doing Lupron, GonalF pen and Menopur.

    I did a search and the search function was not working and the dinner party is tonight, so wanted to get feedback.

    Thanks in advance for your thoughts and ideas!

  2. I would say the Lupron should be a pretty easy one. I would just sneak away to the bathroom with it in your purse and do it in there!

    The Gonal-F is pretty easy too, since it is in the mixing! Easy like the Lupron.

    The only one you may have a problem with is the menopur, because you have to mix it...doing it for the 1st time in a public restroom may be a little nerve-wracking. I would do a practice mixing before you go, if you have extras, which you most likely do.

    For ones that needed refrigeration, I have bagged some ice in a small ziploc and placed it in a large ziploc with the meds & put it in my purse.

    but all in all, just head to the bathroom...nobody needs to know anything.

    I have done shots (including PIOs) in bathroom stalls on several occasions...feels a little shady, but completely doable!
    Good luck!

  3. I totally understand your concern. When you are taking the Menapur and the Lupron, maybe you could mark on the syringe with a sharpie the dose (where to fill the syringe to) before guests come to your house or you head out to the parties. That way your husband can be with you to double check the dosages are right. For the gonal F pen you could leave it in your purse (take a larger purse) and pick out the dosages and have your DH double check it (sneak a look in your purse) before you run to the bathroom to give yourself the shots. If I were you I would just sneak to the bathroom during all of the events to administer the shots, I don't think anyone will question you.

    Its just the double checking that could get tricky. Every time you have to do the shots away from home, write down the medicines you will be taking and the dosages and leave it in your purse, with your meds and alcohol wipes to follow during the process of taking the shots.

    I have taken shots away from home during all my cycles including at a hockey and baseball game.

    Good luck.

  4. I always just went to the bathroom, so nobody asked what I was doing. I guess I didn't feel I needed an excuse to get away. I've given myself all kinds of shots at every place imaginable (even did an IM progesterone injection in my car while SITTING DOWN!!). Another time I did a SubQ shot while on the way to a concert (DH was driving). Took down my pants in broad daylight and injected while we were at a stop light!

    I don't know if any of your meds need to be refrigerated, but if they do I have this little tip to offer: My pharmacist liked my Lupron to be refrigerated after opening, so when I was going somewhere I would fill up a travel coffee mug (or other insulated cup) with ice, put the vial in a ziploc baggie, and wrap it in a small cloth (like a washcloth so it wouldn't get TOO cold) and put it in the cup.

    Everything else I just put in a cosmetics bag and made sure I had everything I needed: needles, alcohol swabs (extra in case you accidentally contaminate something or have to clean off a surface to prepare your shots) and anything else you might need.

    After awhile I just didn't care if people saw me. Most people aren't nosey enough to ask what it's for. If it's a bathroom with multiple stalls it was a little trickier, but I still made it work. You can also go to your car and do everything there--just say you think you forgot to lock the doors, or need some gum from the glove box, or whatever if you think people are going to look at you funny.

    Hope that helps!

  5. It's not as hard as it seems. Even though it helps if you have a private area (like an office or a bathroom at someone else's house), it's also perfectly possible to do it in a locked public bathroom stall. I was even able to do my IM progesterone in a public bathroom, which was no easy feat (especially since my husband could not come into a ladies room to help, since he usually does them at home). Just make sure you have everything you need. It will be awkward at first, but will get easier. Also, for anything that needed refrigeration, I put everything into a plastic baggie then used an insulated lunch cooler bag with some of the foam ice blocks that they send to you when they ship your meds. I was able to put my syringes and alcohol wipes in an outside pocket, so everything was all in the same place. Good luck!

  6. I bought a little "kit" from the drugstore, about $10. It's a little bigger (thicker) than a soft sided pencil case.

    Mine came with a little gel thing to keep meds cool, a small "sharps" container, and pockets with room enough for the meds, extra needles, syringes, and alcohol wipes. I also tuck one of those small Thermacare for when I'm away from home and can't use my heating pad. Some of them are self adhesive so I can slap them on and (provided I'm not wearing anything clingy) noone can see them.

  7. It's doable... Just remember to bring an extra of EACH of your meds! I was at an NBA Playoff game, and at the beginning of the game, it was time for my Lupron injection, so I just excused myself to the bathroom. I had the syringe all prepared with extra alcohol swabs in my case (Follistim case). Anyhow... As I'm about to inject myself, I lost balance and the syringe went flying out of my hand and tumbled onto the bathroom floor and the needle bent. It was a very painful moment as I saw it happen in slow motion as I was screaming "NOOOOOOoooo!". I picked it up, tossed it back in my case for disposal at home, went back to my seats to tell my DH that I had to go home for another injection. That was a really, really, really expensive botched injection and lesson!!!! Luckily, my BIL was with us and had his car, so DH didn't have to leave too. If I was smart and brought an extra syringe/meds with me, then I wouldn't have to go home!

    When you're prepping your syringe to travel short distance, remember to pull back a bit so to leave some air at the tip so that if the plunger moves up a little, you won't lose any meds. Before injecting, prime it to get rid of the air.

  8. I'm sooo after the fact but ... I just said "I have to go to the restroom". That cycle I was on Bravelle and Menopur and had to mix 5 vials. I did it at the sink, and injected it, easy peasy.

  9. Thanks everyone for the advice, I really appreciate it. Last night's Lupron shot went ok, I think I was a little nervouse knowing everyone was downstairs eating dessert. I took forever drawing up and seemed to be fighting air bubbles more than normal. I'm guessing no one else noticed, but I felt like I was gone forever.

  10. This past cycle, I had to do one of my stim shots while tailgating. I took a small padded cooler with me to the tailgate with my meds and an ice pack in it. There were no bathroom facilities (except for porta potties), so I did my shot in the car. It was really much easier than I thought it would be.

  11. Once you get the hang of it, it will be okay... I did one of my antagon shots at a red light in NYC traffic (I am an IVF junkie)!

  12. I wanted to loop back around and provide an additional piece of advice for those looking for similar info, now that a little time has passed.

    I would reccomend that you take the absolute first opportunity available to get the shots done and out of the way. At the wedding I had a few chances at the beginning of my window where my friends were distracted and there was a lot of activity going on, where slipping away would not have been a problem. I was of course having a good time and thinking that there were still many chances coming. Well we got down to the last 30 minutes of our window and all of a sudden it was just close friends and family, with lots of group pictures and requests to help breakdown/cleanup. I ended up leaving somewhat abruptly and having to pull off the side of the road and do my shots in the dark in the middle of nowhere, and feeling quite rushed. I actually gave myself the wrong dose of Lupron, because I put myself in a beat the clock distracted situation.

    I would say be sure to get those shots out of the way at the first possible moment and then just go on with enjoying the evening.

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