Incompetent cervix

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  1. Was wondering how someone would know if they had an incompetent cervix? Do the docs look at it when your preg?

  2. Usually unfortunately it is diagnosed by having preterm delivery before 24 weeks. After 24 weeks it is diagnosed as preterm labor but there is a grey area between the two and many doctors disagree but consensus is that if you lose in 2nd trimester then it is incompetent cervix

    There are some things that can possibly cause IC but not always, one is any surgery on your cervix like a LEEP or cone biopsy. I had a LEEP and was being followed weekly by my ob and still lost my twins at 18 weeks. In my case it was a manual exam just two days before and the NP did not catch it. I never had a vaginal u/s in 2nd trimester to check.

    So to truly catch it (which is very hard and rescue cerclages done after 15 weeks are only 50% effective becuase of their higher risk of infection), you have to do a vaginal u/s.

    For most unfortunately it is a loss that truly determines it and then a preventative cerclage done before 15 weeks (usually around 11-13 weeks) is done which if done by an experienced peri is close to 90% or higher success.

    Good luck. When in doubt ask for a vaginal u/s if you are before 24 weeks.


  3. Susan,
    Doctors do look at your cervix during pregnancy. They do transvaginal ultrasounds to measure cervix length and if it seems shorter than it should be they can do things to help, like a cerclage or bed rest.

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