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  1. Has anyone had a D&C in a doctor's office? I was referred to a doctor for the procedure who does them in the office. I am afraid of being awake for the procedure. Can anyone share how bad it is in the office? I am hoping that I just miscarry on my own, but after two weeks off PIO, it seems no where in site. My beta a few days ago was 2,200, so we are giving it another week. Thanks.

  2. Butterflies - So sorry that you're going thru this.

    I did have an "in office" while we were living in Japan. I found it better in some ways that the one I had in the hospital (stateside). I was in and out faster, less people were "involved", etc... They didn't really sedate me but I don't think that's the norm here. (they didn't sedate for ER, or hysteroscopy either)

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