Important Message to Lds Pg With Identical Twins

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  1. This is meant for informational purposes only.
    You will find a board with Identicals on the Parenting thread. Under Parenting Multiples.
    Identical twin pregnancies are high risk, and should be treated by a perinatologist. If you are not seeing one now, have your care transferred to one.
    Important websites to keep are:
    When pregnant with identicals it is important to find out as soon as possible what kind of identicals you are carrying, whether they share a sac, share a placenta, or both. This can usually be spotted with accuracy by week 14.
    Please join us on the parenting identicals thread where there is a wealth of information and experience that can be shared.

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  4. Thanks for posting this and bumping it to keep it current. I am preggers with identical twins and a singleton, so I have all sorts of risks to consider. Any info is a huge help to us.


  5. Nice to meet you Mindy
    Please come over to the parenting identicals thread over on parenting multiples. We have had ladies with the same type of pg as you.
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  6. Hi yesser,
    I went to the site, but there isn't a thread with parenting identicals under the multiple pregnancy folder. I saw one with something about a I not seeing it somewhere?
    tx - am 10w 2 days with id twins - monochorionic diamnionic - and wanting to learn and understand more...

  7. Hi Ahamdlotfi. it is the one called Parenting Identicals, the sequel. congrats on your pregnancy! there are several of us over there and we would be happy to answer any questions you have.

  8. Thanks! will go check it out!

  9. At what point was your doctor able to differentiate between just one sac and the fact that there were identicals? I went in today for an u/s and there was one sac, but 2 very very tiny blobs. There was a barely distinguishable flicker of a heartbeat. I am 6w1d right now.

    Thanks for your feedback.

  10. congrats on your pregnancy and your possible identicals. I'm not sure I fully understand your question, but we didn't even see the second baby until I was 8+ wks (despite 3 earlier sonograms). we went for a high resolution sono upon seeing the \"surprise\" and my RE was able to find the membrane separating the two amniotic sacs (but they were definitely in a single gestational sac). but sometimes they don't find the amniotic membrane until the 2nd trimester (and even then it was often hard for the techs to find and my peri had to do it). so if they don't see it right away, try not to worry too much about it. if I look back now at the early 3 sonograms, the second yolk sac is definitely there, but since no one was looking for it, they never paid much attention to it. if you are not sure if they are identicals, you should try to get to a peri who can probably pretty easily tell you by looking at the chorion. congrats, again.

  11. Thank you gunterp,

    You perfectly answered my question. Noone in the room during the first u/s mentioned another yolk sac, but my husband and I both left an wondered what the other \"blob\" was. We are both in the medical we were looking pretty carefully. I know that it is a stretch that I may be having identicals, but I was just curious if they could even tell that early.

    Thank you for your response, and congrats to you too!


  12. I just got my second beta today. My nurse coordinator said my numbers seemed high and it could be multiples. However, I checked and they don't seem abnormal for a singleton. I had a blastocyst FET so I'm not sure how that affects numbers. Anyway, here are my betas.

    8dp5dt 50
    12dp5dt 388

    So it is more than doubling in 4 days but not excessively so. I am a little worried about having identical twins - that is why I originally only wanted to transfer 1, though in the end I only had 1 to transfer. I did have ICSI and the embryo was cultured to blastocyst which I've heard increases the chances. I won't be doing U/S for another 3-4 weeks so won't really know till then. So did anyone have similar betas and have twins?


  13. Jacks
    With just one embryo, if it split, there would only be one placenta, which is what beta is based on. Identicals usually appear to be singletons on betas, and tend to be a surprise when found.
    at 11dp5dt mine was 667 - i had identicals and a fraternal triplet after transferring 2.

  14. Just want to introduce myself to my new community.

    I just found out that I'm pg with twins. I have a son at home so I only transferred ONE embryo. I guess it split so we're looking at identical twins.
    I'm very shocked!!!
    What should do I do to stay healthy that is different from a singleton pregnancy?

  15. dyuksel,,,,,,you may want to start a new thread to get more response. The last post here was almost two years ago.

    Congrats on your little miracles, what a shock that would have been.

    All the best,

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