implantation wigglies cramps vs. progesterone cramps

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  1. In the past I have had cramps with progesterone of course, sometimes even a lot, but mainly all across the bottom of my abdomen evenly and they turned out to be BFN cycles. The difference with this one is I feel the normal (progesterone) cramping, but ON ONE SIDE, I feel specific pressure, slight burning feeling, and specific twinges on that one side.

    Has anyone experienced feelings on ONE SIDE and what was the outcome. My beta is Tuesday and of course that is so far away, just anxious for any info..

    Thank you my friends.. OXOXOXO

  2. Hi hon ... Hoping you get a BFP at your beta! I was having similar cramping on one side only and my RE said that was common and may be due to the Egg Retreival. He said can take several weeks for that to subside. This is only my first cycle, so I'm not sure what implantation cramps feel like.

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    With my IVF (transferred 2), I remember feeling twinges and pulling on both sides but in two places, and then one side started to go away. I ended up with a BFP, a singleton and one embie that implanted but didn't continue developing. I'm still convinced that was the pulling and twinging. DD is now 16 months.

    However, this time with my FET, I'm feeling some twinges and pulling on one side (and in a different spot than last time.) However, I'm not as convinced that this one is a BFP, but I'll find out on Friday.

    Hang in there, the 2ww sucks, but it sounds good so far!


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