Impending m/c?

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  1. Warning: positive beta mentioned, chromosomal issues, early u/s, heart beat, etc.

    First, after years of posting on IVFC, I have no idea if this post is in the right place. I just don't know. If this is in the wrong place, or if I should adjust the warnings, please let me know. I've been crying for the last day and I'm not thinking clearly right now.

    Yesterday I had my first ultrasound, at 6w4d. The first thing my RE said is that things don't look good because the yolk sac is too big. I don't remember this, but DH thinks the RE said it was over 9mm. The RE said this is a bad thing, and can indicate chromosomal issues. This could mean an impending miscarriage, and if that doesn't happen, then it could mean Down's Syndrome, or even worse chromosomal abnormalities. Also, the embryo is measuring too small. The only good news is a heart beat. From what I've been able to find on the internet, such a large yolk sac is basically an indication of an impending miscarriage.

    My question: Has any one been told they had a large yolk sac? What was the outcome? I'd like to hear the good, the bad, and the ugly.

    I have another u/s booked for next week.

    Thank you very much for any responses.

  2. Hi Karen,

    I am so very sorry you are dealing with this fear and worry right now.

    This board sounds like the right place to be. Hopefully others can give you some input on your question regarding the big yolk sac.

    - zia

  3. Karen,

    I am sorry you are going thru such worry. We had our first u/s at 6 w 4 d too, HB was seen, and I measured on track. But, we had our second u/s yesterday at 7 1/2 weeks and the embryo was measuring a week behind but still has a HB, we were told we will probably m/c in the next 7-10 days. Our yolk sac is not too big but the embryo is measuring at 6 w 3d, a little over a week behind. I can tell you my last pg, last year was chromosomally abnormal - we found out at NT scan and confirmed via CVS and there was nothing on early u/s's that would have alerted us to any problems with the fetus (it was trisomy and pg lost at 14 weeks).

    Hang in there, things change, especially in early pg, next week everything might be ok. I am trying to hold out hopes of that for myself, but it is not looking good for me. My RE is having me come in again next week to see if there is a HB. He told me he does not expect one. I am 40 so at my age with one already chromsomally abnormal pg under my belt and now this I think my eggs are toast.

    I will be hoping you get good news next week, me too but after my appt yesterday I had a good long cry and realize it is all out of my control and I have to move forward no matter what the outcome.


  4. I'm sorry you are going through this. I can tell you though that it doesn't matter what your embryo looks like one day because the next it can change. We had our first u/s at 6w5d. The embryo measured 6mm and aged at 6w3d with a heartbeat of 122. Everything was perfect. Our RE even put any fear of m/c in my mind at ease by saying that our chance was less then 5% and he sees no reason given the way the embryo looked and my age with us not having a good u/s 2 weeks later. He even told me to make the appointment with my ob for 3 weeks later which I did. Well we go in for our 2nd u/s 2 weeks later at 8w6d not expecting anything bad - why should I they told me 2 weeks before that everything was perfect. Well you can imagine my shock being told the baby was dead and measured 7mm (aged at 6w5d) so it died shortly after that perfect 1st u/s.
    I don't want to scare you, just let you know that there are no guarantees in this game. Though maybe it is just me. I seem to have a lot of bad luck, so I guess I shouldn't be surprised that this happened.

  5. Thank you, ladies, for the kind replies.

    I had my second u/s and everything is measuring normally now. After four fresh IVF and one cancelled, we've never had good news, ever. DH and I both cried when we found out.

    I\'m sorry if this thread causes any upset and I wish I could just erase it now. My heart just breaks for all the women who m/c after such a horrible journey of infertility and IVF.

  6. I had a pregnancy where the first u/s showed a large yolk sac, a small embryo, and a slowish heartbeat. It ultimately ended up in m/c, though the chromosomal tests came back normal.


  7. Karen,

    I am very happy to hear of your good news. For me, it was not so good today at the OB, the baby is measuring only 6 w 6d and I am 8w 6d and the HB has stopped so its over for me and I will be having a d&c tomorrow, I am not brave enough to attempt it at home with the pills.

    Good luck to you, I so hope you have a better turn out than I did. I don't think you need to delete this thread at all, when the RE tells you something looks wrong and you might miscarry honestly this was the first board I came to last week when we first suspected something was wrong.

    ~ Matty

  8. sambur, I'm so very sorry to read your update.

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