Immature eggs with DE cycles

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  1. I received disappointing news today and am hoping to hear some success stories.

    This is fresh DE cycle #4 for me (#1 and 2 -- BFP, m/c, #3 -- BFN). We are using a new anonymous donor. She is twice proven at our clinic. Both times two embryos transferred with one live baby. In one cycle, she even had 10 blasts frozen.

    Yesterday was the ER day and we couldn't be happier with the results -- retrieved 25 eggs.

    Today we found out that only 18 of 25 were mature (30% were immature) and out of those 14 fertilized with ICSI (77%). In all of our previous cycles with my OE and DE, we always had 90-100% fertilization rate with my husband's sperm.

    So we lost 11 eggs between yesterday and today. Of course, we know that we can still make a baby this cycle, but this is highly alarming to us. Nothing like this ever happened to us in the previous cycles...

    We were just hoping for better news, I guess.

    We've been ttc#1 for over 10 years and have been through a lot of heartache and we feel like we can't ever catch a break.

    Did any of you have such a big drop in numbers between ER and fertilization? What was the result of that cycle?

    Thanks for listening,


  2. Kite -

    Your numbers are not bad at all - although not what you may have hoped they are still in range, and much higher than lots with success. We had about 30% that were immature, and when was all said in done of those that were mature we ended up with 50% making it to blast for tx / freeze.

    I am praying for you and beleiving this is your time - please PM me if you feel like talking off-line. I am here if you need anything.

    Hugs -


  3. Hi Kite,

    I am currently in the 2ww and while excited we were very disappointed with our numbers as well
    20 retrieved
    12 mature- 40% were immature
    8 fertilized- no ICSI

    We just did a 5 day transfer to our carrier of one 4A blasts- a 10 out of 10 according to the embryologist

    We expect to have maybe four to freeze include one other perfect embie.

    I know it is hard as we want the insurance policy just in case.
    Hang in there. i don't think your numbers are bad at all.

    Good luck!

  4. Kite - I got nothing to add regarding % mature vs immature....just wanted to wish you all the luck this cycle!!!!! There is a friend on here (maybe she'll see this) who had really bad fertilization with a proven donor and ended up at ET with 2 embryos, she's 6mths now with a singleton, due end of January.

  5. Kite, I think your numbers are really good. They're just about what you can expect with good eggs and sperm. We started with 41 eggs, 32 were mature. The RE told us 70% is good fertililization. We were thrilled with 78% (25 eggs) fertilized. Of those, they said they expected 50% to make it to blast. We got just about that, 13 blasts...only 13 out of our original 41. And the embryologists thought we did really well, percentage wise. So you do lose a signifigant amount, even in good cycles. Sounds like you're in line to get at least 7 perfect blasts if you go with the averages. I have good feelings about this one. Grow, embies, grow!!

  6. Hi Kite,

    If I had your numbers, I would have been thrilled. Our donor had about 18 follicles going into ER, but only 15 eggs were retrieved. Of those 15, only 10 were mature. Of those 10, only 5 fertilized. This was especially disappointing because my husband's sperm is great and we have never had any problems with that side of things.

    We couldn't even wait to go to blast, we had to do a 3-day transfer. On the day of ET, we only had 3 embies and our doctor said they had some fragmentation so he recommended transferring all 3. None to freeze.

    But, I am currently pg with a singleton (14 wks tomorrow)!

    It can happen for you!


  7. Thanks so much for sharing your stories, girls. Congrats to all of you who are pregnant .

    This was our day 3 report:

    Out of 14 fertilized embryos

    8 were 8 cells
    3 were 7 cells
    1 was a 6-cell
    1 was a 4-cell
    1 was a 3-cell

    We had our transfer yesterday and we had 6 blasts to choose from (4 good ones and 2 poor ones):


    We transferred 3 best blasts, even though our doctors were trying to talk us out of it. This is our 4th fresh DE cycle and 11th transfer overall (only 2 were FETs) and still no baby. Given our history, my doctor agreed to transfer 3. Last time with a different donor (she was 25.5) we also transferred 3 and ended up with a BFN. She was a twice proven donor. This time our donor is 27 and has had 3 successuful cycles at our clinic (sadly, the last one ended in a miscarriage). Maybe I am crazy for transferring 3, but as all of us know it's such a **** shoot. You can transfer 3 5AAs and still not be pregnant (Anna, I believe that was you in your fresh cycle, right?).

    I am 34 and healthy otherwise. I just hope if I do get pregnant that it's not triplets again (as some of you know, my first DE resulted in a triplet pregnancy with a disastorous ending).

    Our clinic freezes only the best embryos, so they froze only 1 4AA as of yesterday. Another reason I decided to go with transferring 3 is because our clinic's success rate with FET is non-existent -- something like 12% of FET cycles result in live babies.


  8. hi Kite -

    I am glad to see your post. I know how hard the decision is in what to tx. And yes, we did 3 with our fresh - bfn, and 4 with our fet, bfp with twins. When you look at how many can actually make babies the chance of all keeping is low. It is there, but our clinic told us the chance of tips for either of our scenarios was about 3%. I will keep our fingers and toes crossed for you and DH that you have one or two keepers in there this go around. You have been through so much and I would love to see you have some wonderful news this holiday season. When is your beta?

    Hugs -


  9. kite- congrats on your transfer. Prayers for you that you get a + bfp- great numbers and 2 healthy babies.

  10. Thanks, Anna and Jen! My beta is next Sunday, which will be 8dp5dt. Next Sunday can't come fast enough. You all know how it feels! I am trying to think positive thoughts and relax. Send some positive thoughts my way, please . Kite

  11. Good luck to you, Kite!

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