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  1. Irregardless...it would've been better to leave it out then to put in half-truths. there really wasn't a reason to ask \"how they got the baby\"...yet if you are going to ask that question then I think it deserves a short paragraph about the statistics of having a baby in your late forties. Honestly, MORE has done some excellent pieces on difficult subjects - including sex in your 50's & 60's; spouse abuse, rape, cosmetic surgery even genocide.....why not address a very real issue - the desire to have children when you are past your reproductive prime? They had a great selection of moms, all attractive with beautiful children. Why not do a true article about the challenges of getting pregnant and raising kids in your 50's? The same issue had an extensive article about ill spouses and the impact on the relationship. Yet this photo spread to me was not at all what I would expect from this magazine. It was in alot of ways more like a fashion piece....short blurbs, tiny pictures, half truths. I think it is a shame alot of women don't know about donor egg or that they can have children in their 40's and 50's. They could've discussed the costs, emotional issues, etc. It was an opportunity to really educate a well read demographic on a little mentioned subject.

  2. I agree gscattolin, it seems a shame. Here you have a readership of +forty women, and the chance to examine their options realistically was passed over, for a shallow treatment which was misleading and full of half-truths. And yes Sasha of course I know that it is possible for a woman to get pregnant in her mid- to late-forties. But oh... the rarity of it. And we are not talking about the cases that have become urban legend, and the mother's age was... what was it again? 44? 46? 48?... no one seems to know exactly, and that is not the point.

    The point is the media, and how they are misleading older women into thinking that they have more time than they actually do. Because they report these things casually, as if they happen all the time.

    Many women use donor egg and don't tell anyone... even their mothers, or their sisters. And that is their right, their right to privacy. Why do you assume then they would tell their friends, neighbors, and acquaintances?

    Another wishful anecdote from the same article: Ms. St. James' comment that her grandmother gave birth to her mother at age 54 (implying that uber-fertility runs in the family, not really relevant considering she admits to using donor eggs). Age 54.(!) That too, I find hard to believe. You know that in past generations a so-called illegitimate child would commonly be claimed by a married woman in the family. And raised as their own. The whole thing kept a big family secret. That's just what they did then. In his thirties, Jack Nicholson found out that the woman he thought was his sister was actually his mother. Bobby Darin, same thing. Lots of offspring never found out. That's how they dealt with teen pregnancy in the past.

    And I still doubt that the 49 year old did it the \"old fashioned way.\" I don't care if it has happened, a one in a million case perhaps. Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. Celebrities and non-celebrities alike. I mean, if you are interviewed... and the interview goes into private territory, don't say anything if you don't want to. Just don't lie or exaggerate. Or say \"twins run in my family\" when you used donor eggs. It is not giving older women hope. It is giving them potential heartbreak.

  3. Hi.

    I just saw this thread and want to vent also. I am VERY dissappointed in More. I like that magazine and look to it for inspiring stories. Those stories were ridiculous! I can only imagine a woman who has never experienced infertility reading that. One woman (and I'm not looking at the article right now) as I remember had children in their 30's and decided to have more kids. Another woman claimed she \"started trying at 49yo\" even though she had been married a few years.

    The articles make women sound like flakes. When asked why she had twins late in life, one woman replied that she is a rule breaker. What??/

    What about the kids?? I mean, they sound so flip about it like they just felt like having kids late.

    The article just fuels the myths that IVF is easy, that women are able to concieve with IVF easily in their late forties AND that much older women give no thought to the consequences when they decide to have kids over 50! URGH! Makes me mad.

    Shame on More!!

  4. I'm surprised by so many gyns. When I was 37 I asked my doc when I should start worrying about my fertility and he said, when you are ready we can talk about it. What the???

    So here I am at 42 trying with IVF.

    My very good friend who is 40 was told by her doc that she has a patient who is 47 so don't worry you will get pregnant. What??? This is her regular gyn not a RE.

    I wish I would have known then what I know now.

    These doctors don't give women a real sense of declining fertility. Celebs and the media perpetuate the falsehoods by providing half the story.

    When I tell some folks that I'm 42 and trying they say I'm young and it will happen. No one has a clue how hard it is when you're older and the amount of money and emotional perserverence it takes.

    I'm disgusted.

  5. yes, it's so shocking how no one--GPs, GYNs, etc--are SO misinformed about infertility. Even REs I think totally fall down in talking to patients about family planning issues--if you're trying for your first in late '30s, shouldn't they talk to you about whether you might want more than one, so you aren't stuck at 40 trying to have a second, assuming you are successful with #1. The other docs you come in touch with are just so poorly trained or informed or too nervous or something, but NO ONE every said \"hey, your fertility really goes down precipitously after 35 and falls off a cliff at 40.\" Very frustrating.

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