If you had a D&C/karyotype on fetus...

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  1. Hi girls, I'm so sorry for you're loss. I'm on my second m/c at 6wks pregnant with know answers yet. I did a fresh cycle in Aug 2008 and fet in Sept 2008 I'm doing a D&C just to clean myself out hoping this will exspose new tissue for my next tx. Do any of you know how peponig you have to wait to do another tx? I'm hoping we can tx end of Oct early Nov this year. My D&C may not be needed but because of the two m/c I want to do it. I had a tuble ligation 13 years ago, I have 2 children 18,14 with know problems, I'm 35 and very healthy. I just don't understand why I get pregnant and m/c, looking for hope. Maybe it's the embies, We have to left but I'm thinking of just starting over because of the bad luck. What would you do?

  2. My dd had turner's syndrome which means that she only had an 45x chromosme instead of 46xy.

  3. had my D&C xmas eve.....
    got my results back - no chromosomal abnormailities - BOY

  4. m/c at 9 weeks- a week after seeing the heartbeat.
    Monosomy chromosome 20.
    They blanked out the sex chromosomes because its illegal in our country to find out the sex of the fetus. I wanted to know.

  5. I have had two miscarriages tested:
    1) T21 (Down Syndrome) boy - miscarried at 12w
    2) T16 - didn't ask sex - miscarried at 9w

    I have also had five more chemicals; we assume many, if not all, of them were genetic issues due to my age (almost 42 now).

  6. We had our d&c May 1st after finding no heartbeats the Tuesday before. Our testing came back normal chromosomes identical twin girls. We knew they were identical and we were 11 weeks.

  7. 1 chemical (not tested); I was 38
    Trisomy 21 (boy); lost in the 15th week; I was 39
    Trisomy 22 (boy); 9w; saw HB twice prior to missed m/c; I was 40

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