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  1. Shelley,
    I am so sorry for your loss. If this is your first m/c, they likely did not do chromosomal testing. They didn't do it with my first m/c. We did have testing done with my fifth loss in order to determine if I had chromosome issues. I hope that this is your last m/c and the next one is the answer to your dreams!


  2. Shelley,

    I have had only 1 m/c ,and they did to karyotyping, even w/o my request. It prob. depends on the clinic. Let us know how your post-op goes today. You are in my thoughts


  3. Hey Becca,

    Just got back from post D&C appt. He said testing was not done since there really was not any reason for it?? He said the baby was abnormal and that is why it happened. I am going to have to just keep telling myself that and cope with the fact I will never know more.

    He said I can try again. He said there is 15% chance of another m/c but to think of it like that is 85% chance I won't. Half full not half emtpy type thing. So he said wait 2 months then at that next period start IVF again. Same Antagon protocol as last time. No immune testing or anything else. Just same as last time.

    I have been pretty emotional. Stupid BCP and pregancy hormones are whacking me out. I will look forward to a break this summer and hope I can even out a little bit emotionally.

    How are you doing? I have read so many of your posts. Give me an update as to where you are and where you are going.

    Thanks for checking on me!


  4. Shelley, I had multiple failed IVF's and IUI's and multiple early pg losses before I requested a thrombophilia panel which came back MTHFR positive. I wish I had demanded these tests years ago and several RE's ago.

  5. Miscarried at 12w3d, precious girl, Trisomy 2 - liver disfunction incompatible with life. When I really think about it, I was two days from having a cerclage placed and had stopped the progesterone at 12w - I think the progesterone was the only thing sustaining the pregnancy - I don't know, maybe that's true, maybe not. I bled for the 10 weeks very heavily leading up to the loss - they kept checking the baby and kept telling me "maybe you'll just bleed a lot".


  6. Miscarried twins and had a D&C around 8 weeks. Each had a different chromosomal abnormality. Twin A was trisomy 4 and Twin B was trisomy 16. Very sad and I'm sorry everyone here has experienced this as well.

  7. Hi. Just wondering if anyone could explain the different outcomes of the chromosome testing. We just suffered our first loss this past week. I was 14w4d and the baby measured 10w2d. The dr. said it probably died around 11-12 weeks and shrunk? I had a d+c on Wednesday and they are doing the genetic testing. I just don't underdstand the different terms. I know XX anbd XY, but can someone explainthe rest?

  8. haldomi, I'm so sorry for your loss. I also had a loss (back in 2001) at 14 wks where the baby measured way behind. It's so sad, and I'm very sorry you're going through this.

    If they are able to karyotype the fetus (sometimes they can't grow the cells to do the karyotype, which is very frustrating - that happened to me), it should be 46XX or 46XY, the 46 is for the number of chromosomes in a normal human.

    So if the results come back at 45, there is one chromosome missing, or at 47, one too many. A trisomy is when there are three of a chromosome when there should only be two (Trisomy 21 is known as downs syndrome) and a monosomy is when there is only one and there should be two (like Turner's syndrome, where only one copy of the X is present, so 45X).

    I think I have this right, but hopefully someone more knowledgeable will chime in.

    Have you and your husband (if you are married) had your own karyotypes done? Because sometimes one of the partners has a "translocation" of their own chromosomes, and that can cause repeated miscarriages. The test is done on a blood sample from each of you.

    I hope you do get results from the genetic testing (this can take several weeks to a few months sometimes), as I know how terrible it is to not know why you lost your pregnancy. In my case, I had a uterine defect that went undiagnosed for 4 years, and could have been seen if I had had a hysteroscopy (something you might want to consider asking for if the genetic testing is inconclusive, etc.).

    Since you're here, I assume you're doing IVF to get pg? And I hate how doctors will often not do a full investigation for why a patient has miscarried. Considering the emotional turmoil and financial burden we got through to get pg, and then lose it... so be sure to be agressive if you think you need to be, to get the right testing done.

    Again, I'm so very sorry.

  9. Thanks for the information Erica. i did get the results back a coulple weeks ago. It was 69XXX. I have since learned that this is triploidy(female). The baby would not have survived. I still have questions, though, as the websites say that 80% of the time this is caused by double fertilization. We had ICSI so that is pretty much not possible.

    That 20% scares me, though. What was our cause of the triploidy then? We have not had our own karyotypes, but if this should ever happen again, we will look into it. I say that because we are in the middle of a FET cycle already, with our 1 frozen blast from the fresh cycle that ended in m/c.

  10. haldomi, I'm so sorry for your loss. I hope getting these results is some comfort to you, but I know it must be a double-edged sword.

    I googled a bit and found this:

    "The extra haploid set can be derived from maternal (digynic) or paternal (diandric) origins. Digynic triploidy result from fertilization of a diploid ovum by a haploid sperm and can therefore result in a XXX, or XXY genotype. Diandric triploidy can result from fertilization of a haploid ovum by either a diploid sperm, or by two haploid sperm and can result in a XXX, XXY, or XYY genotype. The majority of triploid cases are of paternal origin, with 66% attributed to fertilization by two sperm, 24% due to fertilization with a diploid sperm, and 10% resulting from fertilization of a diploid oocyte. "

    So from what I understand, your egg could have already had two sets of chromosomes and been fertilized by a normal sperm, causing three sets, or you could have had a normal egg, and the sperm they injected could have had two sets of chromosomes (diploid)... it seems that the latter is the more common explanation...

    I hope your FET works and you have a healthy pg. If, heaven forbid, it does not, I would ask your OB/GYN to order karyotypes for both you & DH to rule that out. GOOD LUCK!!!


  11. Erica~ thanks for the information. We are hopeful for this little blast and I am remaining positive. We would surely look into the karyotyping if this ever happened again.

  12. I am so happy to see your post. I want to try again, but we too have only 1 blast left. My RE is encouraging another FET, but my dh is against it. I will eventually do it. I can't discard an embie. But, I do wonder what the stats are with 1. I am about to email my clinic and find out.
    I lost my baby at 10w 4d and it was 45XO. It had Turners Syndrome. I did feel better, since that is just one of those bad luck things that happen. Not something that should happen again.
    This was my 2nd m/c at 10w and 4d. The first we didn't have them to do any testing.

    Good luck to you on your cycle.


  13. We just got our results today and I don't really understand them. (our consult got cut short because the dr. had to do an emergency surgery today).

    Anyway, she said it was a 46xx but chromosome #6 was inverted. I don't know what that means other than it was an unhealthy girl.

    They want both my husband and I to do karotyping and see if either one of us is a carrier before doing another round of IVF.

    The good news is that my beta is finally at zero (7 weeks post d&c). Now the wait for AF.....


  14. they told us 4-6 weeks also. our pathology report was back in time for our post surgical consult (told me i was pregnant - THERE'S a news flash!) my dr. ended up calling with the results of the chromosomal analysis a few weeks later. it didn't take the whole 6 weeks, but i can't remember exactly how peponig it took.

    although our son was normal XY, that is strictly at the chromosomal level. genetically speaking, we have no idea if he was normal. he may have been a "fluke" to make it that peponig because the dr. now tells me that i have cytoplasm issues and that would explain all our failures. the cytoplasm problems may have contributed to some other genetic abnormality that is not detected by the post d&c analysis.

    i hope your wait isn't too peponig.

  15. We just got our report back yesterday.
    It was trisonmy 16. Had 47 chromosomes instead of 46
    We also found out it was a girl.
    I don't know if that good to know or not.
    It has kinda made it so much more "REAL"
    Anyone else feel this way??? Lisa

  16. some people don't want to know all that detail because that is the best way for them to cope. for me, i'm a detail person and really wanted and needed to know. our son will always be our only genetic child, so at least i know a little something about him and could name him.

    what is best for one person is not necessarily what is most comforting to another.

    i hope you find the answers that you need.

  17. I had a missed MC of twin girls at almost 8 weeks. I knew the sexes because we had done a 12 probe pgd prior to transfer.
    Testing after the D&C revealed 46xx for both.
    My doc thinks it is a genetic issue at some level of the egg that casued it. I am 41 years old which pushes this thought even more.

  18. our first miscarriage was due to tetraploidy. the baby boy had 96 chromosomes. yeah, that's more than four copies of each chromosome, but that's because the sex chromosomes multiplied more than four times, which is common in severly abnormal embryos.

    we had our karotypes done before that ivf cycle and they were normal. the RE said it was just a fluke. and we know that only one sperm fertilized the egg because we did ICSI.

    our second miscarriage was from donor embryo, from a young donor egg. yet the slow growth of our embryo and slow heartbeat are indicative of a trisomy of some sort, according to the doctor. we will also have this embryo tested afterward to see what went wrong.

  19. We had 4 miscarriages in the last 2 years, no live children.
    We didn't test the first two. The third (11 weeks) revealed normal XX. I just had a D/C for my 4th miscarriage (9 weeks) and the karotype is still pending.
    I was on low weight molecular heparin, IVIG, and baby aspirin for my last pregnancy. We saw a normal heartbeat at 7 weeks but it was gone by 9 weeks.

  20. I have a dumb question. Do they always do the typing or do you need to request it? I had a d&c and often wondered if it was a boy or a girl but did not know that I could find out. I still think about it and want to know but it happened almost 2 years ago. Do you think it is in my records?


  21. it is a test ordered by the dr. if you didn't have it done, i doubt there is anything you can do about it, sadly.
    and no, it's not a dumb question.

  22. Hi All:
    I just learned that my 13 week miscarried baby was a girl-everything was normal w/ the chromosomes. I have lost twin girls at 16 weeks due to what they thought was an Incompetent cervix. I have 2 healthy boys. IC would not affect a pregnancy in 1st tri. Baby stopped growing at 11 weeks. Does anyone know if there is such thing as not being able to carry girls? Also, I stopped progesterone and baby aspirin at 11 weeks, right when we lost her. Thoughts????

  23. I just got results from my D&C - the report stated 46 normal chromosomes and it was a girl. The doc called it a "fluke" I have had work up for recurrent preg loss and everything has always been normal. It's so sad.

  24. lca1m6, Meike - I'm so sorry for your losses.

    Have you both had a hysteroscopy? My losses were caused by an undiagnosed uterine septum (a mullerian duct defect) that wasn't seen on u/s or HSG, and only the hysteroscopy uncovered it.

    Many doctors won't do one unless the patient demands it. If you haven't had one, have your RE or OB/Gyn do one (or refer you to someone experienced in the procedure) and have them code it as recurrent preg. loss investigation, not infertility procedure (in case your insurance has worse coverage for IF issues like mine).
    The Cranky Uterus

  25. bumping for Miss Sunny...

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