If you had a D&C/karyotype on fetus...

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  1. I was just wondering what the karyotype revealed. I am attempting to post a poll, hope it works....

  2. Ugh, I voted "other" because the results were inconclusive, they couldn't get the cells to grow. I will be forever frustrated that we couldn't find out... ah well.

  3. Erica that just sucks when all you want is resolution and you can't even get that! I know some people who's results came back xx and they think it was their own tissue...
    thanks for all your support by the way...

  4. Amy, you're welcome, and thank YOU for your support! I'm so sorry about your latest loss, and all your losses.

    I know, if we got 46xx we would have wondered, too... but I do know some who have normal karyotype and it's not any easier knowing. I just wanted to know if it was my uterus (had septum removed after 3 losses) causing the m/c's or chromosomes, or both.

    It's moot now, we've moved on to adoption, and I'm thrilled about it. I feel very free, not having to worry about whether I could carry to term, etc.

  5. I'm so happy that you are adopting, did I see on another thread from Guatemala? I have the paperwork to adopt from China, I just need to get DH on board. I think he needs another m/c / BFN before he pulls his head out of denial.

    My m/c before this current one was a normal xy male. It bummed me out b/c I knew my body had failed and it wasn't b/c the child didn't have the chromosomes to survive. I just wondered if the 50/50 rule of normal/abnormal m/c was correct....


  6. Amy, sorry for your losses. ours just came back normal xx and now we don't know if it was my tissue mixed in or if it really was that. so frustrating not to know!


  7. Jen, your screen name cracks me up!
    Sorry for your loss as well. Hmm....there sure are a lot of normal chromosome losses so far....makes you wonder, what's up with the bad chromosome theory???


  8. HI tmori--
    I am sorry for your losses and those of everyone's here.
    Ours came back as Trisomy 22--it was a girl.

  9. I am so sorry for everyone's losses. I m/c'd at almost 16 weeks. Ours came back as a triploidy. Incredibly rare, they said. And yet, I m/c'd again at 9 weeks recently. I wonder if it's all related. I'm sure it is, but no doc has ever confirmed it. We didn't do genetic testing on my recent m/c.

  10. Oops, I think I meant triploidy instead of tetraploidy in the poll, but I can't seem to edit the poll...

  11. There was nothing abnormally wrong.

  12. Ours was trisomy 8 male. We transferred two 3-day morulas.


  13. My Dr just told me it will take approx 4-6 weeks for the Karyotyping report to come in. Is this true? I feel like Jan 3rd follow up then will be a wasted appt if they are telling me it will take till the end of Jan to come back. This is my first experience with this so I was wondering if anyone else knows.



  14. My doctor told me the same thing, so I was surprised that I got the results around 3 weeks, I think. Maybe your visit won't be a complete waste of time, though, if you discuss alternate plans? And for sure, don't start a cycle before you know more, I guess. If you had a trisomy, then it shouldn't matter, but if you had a normal fetus, then you should discuss blood clotting disorders, etc.

    Sorry for your loss.


  15. We haave had six pg losses (8w, 21w, 6w, 6w, 8w, 8w). Were able to do chromosomes on three of them. All normal. Two male and one female.

  16. trisomy 22 - girl

    trisomy 4 - boy

    neither would have been detected with PGD as they are not chromosomes tested when doing PGD.

  17. trisomy (I think) 16 - boy

  18. M/C #1-blighted ovum
    M/C #2-normal girl
    M/C #3-Trisomy 16 girl


  19. I am so sorry for all of your losses. I had to have a D&C this past Nov. at 6w4d; no results back yet.


  20. I am so sorry for everyone's losses. It's just not right. I pray that 2006 is our year!
    Looks like the stats are right 50% normal 50% abnormal chromosomes...


  21. We found out last week that our little lost baby was a boy, normal XY. I still miss him when I think of him. But, we are going to do some testing (immunological), and we are also taking a break from IVF for a while. We have 10 good frosties waiting for us, and they will be there.

    ((((hugs)))) to you all, ladies.


  22. We just found out last week that our little baby was a girl and the chromosome test came back normal. I feel like my body failed her! Sorry for all the losses on this board! I wish us all great success this year!


  23. Unbalanced translocation - boy. (trisomy on one chromosome, monosomy on the other)

  24. My first miscarriage was a blighted ovum and a year later I miscarried twins. My RE swore that it had to be a chromasome thing because the likeliness of losing both of them at 12 weeks after healthy ultrasounds to that point couldn't be likely...he was wrong. We coughed up a fortune for testing. The twins had no problems nor do we. I remember wishing we did cause I wanted closure. Now a year later all I know is that I am probably never going to get pregnant again & the loss of my twins could have been prevented with the treatment of antibiotics.

  25. Hello Everyone.

    So sorry for all you have gone thru!

    I had a D&C on April 9 (6w3d). Testing was never discussed and I have no clue if they do it automatically at the hospital. My post-op is this Friday so I have not asked if they did it or not.

    Just curious - did you request this testing or did they do it automatically.

    If it had to be requested, I will regret not asking for it and never knowing what happened!



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