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  1. if you are 30yrs old or under (or were 30yrs old or under when you started ttc with RE's help), how many IUI's did you do before doing IVF?

    (and if you never did IUI, feel free to reply anyway)

    I am 26yrs old (27 at the end of the month) and i have done 6 IUI's with donor sperm and all bfn.
    4 were clomid cycles (all 1-2 eggs)
    2 were injectible cycles (2 eggs, 3 eggs)

    i am debating IUI #7 or IVF #1

    what was your experience?

    (we\'re using donor sperm as we are a same-sex couple...no DH sperm available!)

  2. We only did one IUI because my DH's sperm quality was poor. RE said our success rate was pretty low given the MF.

  3. Hey there!

    I have not done any IUI's we went straight for IVF. Our RE said we had better chances of getting pregnant with IVF than IUI's.

    My DH is health it's just me I was diagnosed with Endo. I was on Serophene for about a year and I wasn't getting pregnant so my OB/GYN decided to send me to Fertility Clinic.

    I'm currently on BCP pills go for an Ultrasound on 24th of this month so I'm really excited to start my IVF

    Hope everything works out for you. whether you go with IVF or IUI again, I wish you all the best!


  4. IandC-have you done an IVF yet?

    Sameera-thanks for your message and good luck! i just finished af so im hoping when i see my RE on march 28th she will start me on bcp then(or at least start me on the IVF process).

  5. I'm 29 with mf. dh was felt good enough to try iui with so we did 3 rounds with me on clomid then 3 rounds with me on gonal-f. Then we moved onto ivf and ended up doing ivf with icsi.

  6. petra-was your ivf successful?

  7. I did my first IUI 4 days after my 27th birthday. I ended up doing 3 in total, all of which failed. The first one was with letrozole and the other two were with letrozole and puregon. I'm about to start my long protocol for IVF with my April cycle.

  8. Xristos-what kind of medication is letrozole? is it a suppression med?

  9. Xristos-what kind of medication is letrozole? is it a suppression med?

    Nope. It's supposed to act very much like clomid. Letrozole is Femara, the breast cancer drug. But some clinics use it as a fertility drug. My clinic TCART in Toronto is very much pro-letrozole.

  10. Xristos-i've heard of people using clomid and puregon together.
    i used clomid for 4 IUI cycles, and then puregon for 2 IUI cycles.

  11. We did 7 IUI's, #5 worked but I lost it at 9.5 weeks.
    We were unexplained so we did quite a few IUI's. 4 were clomid/trigger alone, the last 3 were clomid/puregon/trigger.
    We moved on to IVF because we converted IUI#8 at the last minute. Dismal failure, 1 egg retrieved, didn't fertilize.

    Just finished a fresh IVF in May with BFN. Hoping to do an FET in Jan.

  12. We did 3 IUI's and we are not moving on to IVF. First we have to clean the tubal blockage on Dec. 19 and go from there.

  13. We did 3 IUI's and we are not moving on to IVF. First we have to clean the tubal blockage on Dec. 19 and go from there.

    i did 5 IUIs-all negative. and then had an HSG to check for tubal blockages. i did a 6th IUI(negative) and then changed clinics. the new clinic i suggest i do 2 more IUIs (8 total) before moving to IVF.
    IUI #7 was a success so very, very thankfully i did not need to do IVF. i think it was the new protocol i used at the new clinic that helped us succeed. the HSG may have helped...but i was using a proven donor(sperm) so it was more an ovulation issue(the clomid and injectibles made me ovulate too early...and the new clinic introduced a suppression medication)

  14. i have done 5 failed iui's, 3 with clomid, 2 with injectibles and one cancleed d/t over stim.
    one failed ivf--close to over stim 11 eggs retrieved, 9 fertalized with icsi, 5dtransfer only one blast and a morela, none to freeze
    starting round # 2!!!


  15. Wasn't sure how to vote

    Just finished first IUI- BFN

    I finally got DH to agree to IVF ICSI. But we have to try two more IUI's before moving on.

  16. I never had any IUI's- I'm excited to be going through my 1st IVF cycle. I figure with the economy I should have the best chances with IVF. I've been prego 3x with NO LUCK. 2 M/C and 1 etopic. Can anyone tell me about the shots and what to expect with the booster? I start my stim on 5/18 and hopefully my ER & ET within the 1st 2weeks of June 09. Let me know what I'm in for ladies

  17. i had three iui's all with clomid befor moving on to ivf. personally i wish we would have skipped them all together given that dh sperm count was only 2 million at the begining of our ivf. its different for each couple but given that you have already had 6 failed iui's i think you would be waisting money to try a 7th. its up to you and your partner though. good luck to you!!

  18. I am 28, no issues. My DH has a low sperm count and very low motility. WE skipped over IUI and went straight to IVF. Did our first IVF Icsi cycle and I am now 11 wks pregnant! I go in next week for another u/s!

    My advice to anyone who is having this debate, is to speak to your doctor and ask what your chances are iui vs. ivf. It doesn't pay emotionally and financially to do an IUI if your chances are slim!

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