IF YOU ARE 45 or older where did you cycle

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  1. Would you mind sharing where you cycled and if you used your eggs or Donner eggs for IVF BFP.


  2. I cycled with Dr.Zouves in San francisco. I'm 45 and 26 weeks PG with twins from donor eggs. The best decision I ever made!

    Good luck, it's possible.

  3. I'm 48 years old and pregnant with DE. I cycled with CNY Fertility (located in Syracuse and Albany NY). They were great!


  4. I've cycled twice with DE....first time when I was 45 and used SIRM L.A. This past cycle I used the same RE, Brian Acacio, but he's now got his own practice, Acacio Fertility in Orange County. I'm 50 years old and 7 weeks with twins. Used the same donors (egg and sperm) that we used for my 4yo dd).

  5. RPMG in La Jolla, California. Got pregnant on first cycle with donor eggs. I'm now in 2WW after FET from same batch at age 49 (50 next month).

  6. I did my first cycle in the Czech Republic. DE and got a BFP last Wednesday. Very high hCG, thinking we might have twins.

  7. I am 46 and used DE at NYU in nyc. I am pregnant from first fresh donor cycle with them.

  8. At 46 I used donor eggs in Zlin, Czech Republic and my husband's sperm. We implanted 3 grade 1 blasts but miscarried at 7 weeks. Working on saving $$ for return to Zlin.

  9. My first DE cycle (w/DS) at 47 at CRM Zlin in the Czech Republic was unsuccessful. My second one at 48 worked and I'm 23 weeks with twins currently. Maggie (in VA)

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