Identical Twins Measuring 5 days behind-normal?

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  1. Hi everyone,
    I am really concerned. I am currently 9w4d pregnant and had an u/s today and my identical twins both measuring 5 days behind. Last week at the u/s they were measuring 4 days behind. Do I need to worry? Has anyone had IT measuring this much behind and still went on having a normal pregnancy? Please help. Thanks in advance. Lucky

  2. nadia_f--I'm currently 34.5 weeks pregnant with mono-di twins (identical) twins. They share the same placenta but each have their own sac. It's very hard for me to remember back to the 9 week mark, but with twins, especially identical twins, it's normal for them to be smaller than singletons. Is your doctor concerned?


  3. Thanks mariacorreia for your reply. My doctor is not concerned, but I am a worry freak. My son always measured exactly on time from day one. I asked them if could be to the fact that they are identical twins, but they said no, that at this stage they should measure the same as singletons and only later I would see a difference in size. They are not concerned at all. I can't help but drive myself crazy over every little thing.

  4. Also mariacorreia, way to go!!! 34.5 weeks with mono/di! That is great! Congrats!

  5. Mine are fraternal but they measured differently and behind at the beginning as well. Then at around 12 weeks they were suddenly caught up. My peri said as long as they are within a week of the gestation age, and within a week of each other it was fine.

    Good luck and congrats!

  6. Hi Lucky! Congratulations on your identical twins!! My id twin boys measured different from each other right from the beginning. Baby A, the bigger one, always measured a few days ahead to a full week ahead of gestational age. And Baby B measured a few days behind in the beginning and then as the pregnancy progressed he caught up and was exactly where he should be in gestational age. I honestly think your babies are fine and should eventually \"catch up\" or be atleast within a few days of gestational age.

    I dont' want to worry you but what you want to watch out for starting at 16 weeks is TTTS. (twin-to-twin transfusion). Insist that you be monitored bi-weekly as early as 16 weeks. My boys were diagnosed Stage I at 20w6d but 4 days later, they pulled out of it all on they're own, I remained on bedrest and high protein drinks.

    You may want to check out and

    Knowledge is power.
    GOOD LUCK and blessings on your identical twins! Such a special pregnancy and twin babies!
    mom of identical twin boys born @ 36 weeks! No NICU! TTTS Survivors!

  7. Lucky,

    Around 22 weeks my perinatologist thought our girls had TTTS due to a signficant size discrepancy--30%+. For the next 4 weeks they were monitored twice a week to check their amniotic fluid which always stayed normal. We came to realize that one of our girls has Interuterine Growth Restriction (IUGR) where due to her cord attachment she doesn't get as much nourishment as her sister. When they are born there will be a growth discrepancy, but luckily the smaller baby has continued to grow although at a smaller rate.

    Good luck.


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