I need to wean, don't know how...

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  1. I feel really awful saying this, but I am hating b/feeding these days. We've gone 19 months today. That is far longer than I ever thought. Once we passed a year, I thought...let's go to two!! But lately, I hate it. Not all the time, but there are just these times, especially at night where I just want to rip my boobs off and go to sleep and leave my son with my husband. I think more and more he is nursing for comfort and it's just this prolonged process and I get so tired. I feel almost like it's doing the opposite of bonding these days because I feel like it's all I'm good for. And I know that once we are done, I will feel a little sad still. Ugh. I feel horrible. And it doesn't help that my period started last month so now I have PMS hormones on top if everything.

    Take tonight for instance. DS fell asleep nursing as usual...very fast, so yay! But then he woke because he was so sweaty. I hadn't laid him in bed yet because it hadn't been that long. So we switched sides and he was sort of falling back asleep, sort of fidgeting and still latched, but not really nursing and it was then that I wanted to rip my boob off. So I just stopped him because I was getting frustrated and of course he woke totally and now he's awake and watching tv. I'm exhausted, soooo tired, writing to you guys, crying and feeling hopeless and awful once again.

    ugh...long night ahead. Hopefully we'll get to bed by midnight now that he's had a "nap"

  2. pb - I nursed DD for 18 mo (she is the same age at your DS) and I was ready to be done. We weren't night nursing anymore though. I think you'll need to night wean first (if he's still waking) and then work on decreasing the daytime feeds. You can drop one feed at a time every week or two. It is hard, but I think it just gets harder as they get older. When we stopped, DD never asked for it again. I think over 2 it gets much harder.

    But if you think you may just be feeling stressed about it right now and will change your mind, don't rush into it. The AAP recommends nursing as long as it's mutually beneficial to mother and child and the World Health Organization recommends 2 years. I had a deadline (a mission trip) so I knew I would wean by June. If I hadn't of had that, I might still be nursing (although DH was ready for me to be done too).

    Good luck to you. Parenting is so hard!

  3. Jennifer, I read this yesterday and meant to reply, but it was a busy day.

    Thank you for the kind words and encouragement. I think I am just a bit stressed out right now. I'm not sure about still nursing until he's 2, but I am okay with continuing a little longer. With our move coming up soon and so many changes because of that, I don't want to overwhelm him at all! He doesn't nurse that often anymore. But it's those times that he asks to nurse, but is just looking for comfort that annoy me. I don't mean that to sound the way it does. I LOVE that he is a cuddler and I LOVE that he runs to me first when he needs comfort. I just don't like the usage of my boobs as a pacifier

    So, once we get settled, I think we'll start to wean. Writing it breaks my heart a little, but I know we need to get there.

    *sigh* Yes, so hard!

  4. pb - I nursed my DS for 16 mo. He was and is still a snuggler. So just because you wean doesn't mean the snuggling will end. He is much more of a snuggler than DD (who is 3 years younger than him).

  5. I forgot to add - waiting until after the move is a great plan. When is that happening?

  6. 4 more weeks!! Can't wait!! Ie will be so good for all of us to have more room to play! We had a walk through a couple weeks ago and DS was having a blast running around inside and out and going up and down the stairs!!

    When he is "busy" he asks to nurse even less, so I think there may be a natural lessening. I know once we stop for good, I will be sad. I just have my moments and need to vent. Thank you for being here to listen and share your very good advice

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