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  1. embryo 4bb, they said he stayed in the catheter and had to bring him back to be put in me, that is killing me, do you think they hurt him? now they want me on prometrium and i dont feel it is enough progesterone. it seems to leak all out (TMI, sorry) what to do to pass these two ww with hope?

  2. Hi Praying

    I think they are very very careful with the catheters, so I don't think that will have harmed the embryo. They always do the check to make sure the embryo left the catheter, and the fact that they do the check must mean that it's not uncommon for this to happen. I know it's hard, but try not to dwell on it - the embryo is in the safest place now.

    My first clinic always used suppositories and were very clear that the results were just the same as with PIO, I believe that there is research to support this. I think that the amounts prescribed are planned so that a certain amount won't stay in (it's very normal for it to leak out) - my first cycle they happened to check my progesterone levels and said they were just fine even though I'd been sure none of the supps were staying in. I know what you mean though - this time I went to a different clinic and am using PIO - psychologically I'm preferring it because I feel more like it's getting in and staying in (no idea whether it's actually different of course). Maybe it's worth telling your doctor how worried you are and seeing if you can change? I think that research shows that both delivery methods get similar results, but if it would put your mind at rest it might be better to change.

    I don't know how to live in hope during the 2WW. I think it's impossible. Rest and distraction are the only methods I think. I'm sorry that you're worrying, and hope today is a better day for you.

  3. Hi there

    I can only say that I do feel your concern but can give you some positive feedback. I have had two single emrbryo transfers (one fresh and one FET) and I have two DD's from those two cycles. For the fresh transfer the embryo did stick in the catheter and my Re joked "well this one looks as though he wants to stick to something"! Turned out that she did.

    In New Zealand we use the pessaries - we don't have the PIO for some reason and I have had two successful pregnancies using the pessaries - they are messy and some does leak out but thats normal.

    Hang in there and good luck to you.


  4. No, they didn't hurt your embie. The ebryos sticking to the catheter DOES happen and that's why the embryologist goes back to the lab, after the transfer, to make sure that every embryo was transferred. GL!

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