I assume we are drinking tonight...

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  1. ...I mean, is there anything else to do given the weather (Charliebo, do not gloat)...

    I am in the mood for a big glass of white and some great conversation if anyone cares to join...I am going to try to think of some good conversation topics for the evening...

    okay, how's this for a topic....do you have any special secret talents?

  2. I am available for good conversation, although I'm not drinking irl...but, I will be virtually drinking...the dh is out of town this weekend and it's just me and the hound...could not be more excited.
    Hmm...secret talents. I'll have to think about that and get back to you.. What about you?

  3. I can roll my rrrrrrrrrrrrs like nobody's business. And I can isolate my left eyebrow and move it on its own.

    I\'m also on my second glass of sherry...

  4. Have to feed DH, but I'll be back with some vodka in a while.

  5. Yey! snowy, drinking thread!

    I can sing really well. Perhaps not these days (I'm out of practice) but I used to be a lead in most of our musical theater productions in college. Yes, I was a musical theater geek. Glee's got nothing on me.

    But that wasn't that exciting. How secret a talent are we talking?

  6. nice, Spartali.

    AFM-I can do ventriloquism. It is a fun party trick IRL, but not so fun with my online friends...

  7. kate me too. Sang my whole life, still do sometimes. Studying guitar now, finally, to be able to accompany myself.

    We should form a girl group, a la The Shirelles. But what would we call it?

    How about The Cystic Sisters?

  8. trina you can seriously do ventriloquism? How did you learn to do that?

  9. DOR Divas?

  10. How secret a talent are we talking?

    I say we keep it clean until the drinks start flowing. After that, everything fair game...

  11. Sounds like a folk band!

    Uterine Dysfunction, perhaps? That would be a bit more rockin'

  12. I am screaming laughing from that one.

  13. How about Ovarian Revolution ?

  14. trina you can seriously do ventriloquism? How did you learn to do that?

    Dont laugh...I used to love watching reruns of the Carol Burnett show and it got me into impersonations, and from there, I just started playing around with all sorts of voice tricks. Its not too difficult and a lot of fun.

    b/t/w love the DOR Divas or Cystic Sisters.

  15. Love it!!! (ugh, can't post less than 10 letters)

  16. We'll be needing some lyrics.

  17. How about Ovarian Revolution ?

    Excellent. I see some really mean chicks on that stage.

    OK, I have to make a quick dinner, otherwise I'll be having a liquid diet this evening. Salmon, trina, your favorite. With white wine of course. Back in a bit.

  18. I'd like to insert a second parallel topic, if I may.

    I'd like to put the word twat back into circulation. I believe the IVFC censor won't catch it, and I think it's a lovely and appropriate way to describe some of the charming people I encounter on a daily basis.

  19. See, it passed the censors!

    twat twat twat twat twat

  20. Trina - that Gone with the Wind skit they did on that show was a riot...when Carol comes down the stairs wearing the curtains with the curtain rod still on....I howl every time I even think about it...

  21. I worshipped that crew - Harvey Korman especially.

  22. a) I would love to put twat back into circulation. Love it. What was the other word that doesnt get picked up? I forgot.

    b) nycit-I LOVED that episode! That was hilarious!!

    Kate-jealous of the salmon---very fit and fabulous.

  23. Pamela Cupcake Madsen is a twat.

    Baba Wawa is a twat. (Now say that 5 times fast)

  24. I worshipped that crew - Harvey Korman especially.

    how about him in blazing saddles? And some of the other mel brooks movies? classic.

    Mmmm, salmon's cooking now... I love Trader Joes. I already had ice cream this afternoon, so I'm trying to make up for it (and all the wine I will be drinking...).

  25. We watched "High Anxiety" recently...how hilarious is that? Chloris Leachman...

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