i am sad i started to give up hope

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  1. i used growth hormone with induction with maximum dose of fsh lh (menogon) 10 ampoule,with cetrotide prednisolone 5mg and aspirin i changed th center and also during us they told me there is 5 ovum on retival day just one bad quality egg that failed to be fertilized. i am preparing my self to travell to cornell i do not know i want to be pregnant with my own egg

  2. So sorry you got that result, romualdo...I just tried human growth hormone for the first time too and no eggs were retrieved at all. It is a hard, painful place to be. I wish you all the best with your decision.

  3. i wish you too the best

  4. Cornell is a great idea. Which RE are you seeing? I used Dr. Davis, I had issues with poor responding, and he specializes in that. There is the estrogen priming protocal, amongst other protocals, that can help. good luck!

  5. thanks my dear . i will ask for dr davis i didnot send my file yet to cornell as they ask me to send all my record and file i will do my best and God will do the rest.thanks again for your support

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