Hypertension & low fluid

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  1. I was told yesterday that my fluid level around the baby is on the low side, down from an appointment last week. The sac is not ruptured, I was told I have hypertension bordering pre-eclampsya. I am now on blood pressure meds to try to get more fluid into the baby. I am 25 weeks and was told that I should expect to deliver in 3 weeks. ( I also have Protein S & Anti-thrombin III deficiencys - on 2 baby asprin, folgard, and lovenox - yes, I am a mess - lol)

    Anyhow, since they put me on a no salt/sodium diet I am struggling here. Anyone on one of these and if so what the heck are you eating?? I have no clue how much sodium is in everything....yikes! Any help would be great!

  2. Hey, I have all the same problems. Looks like we're in the same boat. But I feel like a rabbit. I've been eating lots of Veg and using Ms. Dash to season my food. That may help.

  3. flora50aegean- have you been referred to a peri? I had pre-e with my last pregnancy and things can get pretty scary pretty fast. I hope it holds off for several more weeks for you so your little one can stay put. I found a lot of useful information here preeclampsia.org Good luck!

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