Husband is too busy being nice to jerks to be there for me

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  1. never mind situation resolved, do not underestimate the power of a hormonal woman

    I WIILL have peace an quiet for my 2ww if I have to cut the phone lines and buy a pit bull to keep people out of my way until I am done with bedrest.

  2. I am feeling this way today. The nurse at the clinic probably thinks I am a freak because I called them up to so they could tell my dh that he had to be home tomorrow to give the trigger shot. He had the next 3 days off and then his stupid work phoned him up and asked for him to work the over night tomorrow night and of course he says yes, meanwhile I am yelling at him no we are suppose to trigger tomorrow night.

  3. Just curious...why does anyone need to take time off from work to trigger???

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