hpt not getting darker?!

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  1. Hi,
    I tested at 8dp3dt (in afternoon after no drinking and holding it) and got a light bfp, but definitely there. Then tested at 10dp3dt (same time) and got a darker bfp, but definitely not as dark as the control line.

    I tested again today 13dp3dt (in the am FMU) and the line looks exactly the same as 10dpt...I am scared that this isn't taking. My beta is tomorrow, but I am looking for anybody who has experienced this to give me some insight.

    Thank you so much!

  2. I had something similar happen to me. It made me nervous and I still had days to go until my beta so I went to the store and bought lots more hpts and went test crazy. For most people, FMU gives the best result, but for me testing in the late afternoon/evening always gave me darker lines. My tests with FMU were consistently much lighter. My beta ended up being a good number. Maybe it's the same for you. Good luck tomorrow.

  3. Yeah, don't go crazy (easy to say) over hpt's, they were always different for me especially depending on which brand I used. FRED was ALWAYS light, my darker one's were from ept +/- and equate brand. Good luck!!

  4. Thanks guys! I re-tested this afternoon & it is a bit darker than the one from 10dpt! I am thinking I need to keep testing in the afternoon only. Or, better yet, no more testing! LOL I will update after my beta tomorrow! Hoping for a nice strong number!

  5. The darkness of the line on a hpt is not going to indicate you are more pregnant. A line is a line. Congrats.

  6. Got great news today- Beta was 240! I am beyond thrilled, yet very nervous seeing this was our 7th IVF! Thanks everyone!

  7. Congrats neslihan: That is great. I'm curious-is this your 1st positive IVF in 7 attempts? Kuddos to you for sticking it out if so! I'm on 2ww right now on IVF#5 and am really discouraged at the moment.

  8. scottsdale- just to jump in for a minute- my first positive did not come till cycle #6 (currently 12wks), and cycle #5 was canceled due to poor response- you just never know when it actually might work- good luck!

  9. Thanks! I need to hear that at this point. Congrats to you! I can only imagine how thrilled you are~~

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