How would you handle this potty regression?

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  1. We've had no big changes in our lives, but 3 year old DD will sometimes wet 5 times a day. She seems to do much better on days with Dad and at preschool. I think it is just me. It was/is a power struggle but I've been very laid back about it for the past few weeks with little change. Some days are better than others. She can certainly control it when she wants to, she most likely doesn't have physical problem, just is being lazy.

    I've tried setting a timer and having her go when it goes off, but that leads to power struggle.

    I've tried letting her sit in wet pants, that leads to rashes.

    I've tried having her change her own pants, that leads to more power struggles.

    I've tried bribes, like candy and stickers and rewards (even a trip to a waterpark!) but she loses interest.

    I know this won't last forever, but it has been 3 or 4 months now. She is a very stubborn, determined, strong, and independent (when she wants to be) person. How would you handle it?


  2. My 3YO son wets sometimes, probably more because he's just too involved in what he's doing (playing) and doesn't want to stop to pee. I found the bigger deal I made of it, the worse things got. To avoid power struggles with my son (who is also very stubborn) I show very little reaction if he has an accident other than to have him or help him remove the wet clothing, tell him to clean up any mess, and put dry clothes on. If you don't show anger and turn it into a power struggle, it takes the \"fun\" out of it for them.

  3. Hi Carrie,

    I had the same problem with my 3 year old DD (her twin brother did not have this problem). I think she would just get lazy. There were days that she'd wet her pants up to 4 or 5 times (after several months of hardly any accidents). I did basically the same thing as the previous poster - I wouldn't really react, have her change her own clothes and clean herself up, and after a few weeks, she stopped doing it. There were times I was ready to scream - she'd go in her carseat, and I'd have to tear that apart to clean it, etc.!

    Good luck - as my mom says, no kid goes off to college wearing diapers!!


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