How to pick the right clinic?

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  1. We are trying IVF with DE and i'm 48, don't want to waste time, considering a couple of clinics here in u.s as well as abroad, any advice?

  2. I'd recommend posting this question on the Donor board.

    You tend to get people who answer basic cycling questions here but you want women with first hand exyoungihmience with DE to answer this question and many of those women may not venture to the GBB boards that often.


  3. If you look at 'ivf by location' you can click on either 'ivf in the US' and then on your state or on some of the other countries you're considering. If you click on 'IVF in Eastern Europe' you'll find other women who went to, for example, the Czech Republic (where I went). Most of us who go there use DE.

    I wish you luck!

  4. Hi,
    There is a new site available that compares all the IVF clinics' in the US on their success rates. SART doesn't recommend to compare IVF success rates, but how else would you get started? You want a baby and success rates of the doctors is an indication of their quality of work. You can look up the top 25 clinics in your age group or look up the top clinics in your state. You also see the average number of embryos transferred, which is an important factor as well after the octuplets story: Fertility Success Rates.
    Choosing the right clinic is the most crucial factor in your decision. Best of luck.

  5. Hello -

    I can thoroughly recommend Dr Nelson at Huntington fertility in Pasadena CA. He doesn't waste any time (it is almost going a bit too fast...)! The Dr is VERY goal oriented (getting pregnant!)

    Apparently they have one of the best labs in the country (their words so can't verify) but everything so far has been more than my expectations.

    Good luck!

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