how to convince DH to try again? (child ment)

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  1. we have been together 20 years, one delightful 4 year old at first ICSI. 2nd ICSI and one FET later with nothing but miscarriages.
    my scan shows i have tons of eggs - age 41 this is good.
    he is 'fulfilled' with one child, works a lot, but doesnt have the same biological clock, his fertility problems are poor motility, poor morphology and low count. and he just had a hot bath!

    what strategies should i use...
    what strategies has anyone else used when DH is a little 'slow' and not as keen?

    i am the CEO of the house, i organize, plan, schedule... he is often behind in terms of real life planning and decisions. this one, cant wait though, i have been patient - it took years to even get to the infertility clinic 5+ years ago.

    advice welcome. ive got the calendars out for summer cycles.

  2. This is the same issue that I had. I ended up writing DH a letter outlining why it was important for me to have another child. It allowed me to get everything out and down on paper for him to see before he could "tune me out". We did try again with our frozen embryos and were not successful and he is not willing to do another fresh. Unfortunately our marriage is falling apart so this has become a mute issue.

    I would encourage you to try the letter or look at counselling as this allows for a neutral party to help you each talk about why you feel the way you do.

    Good luck

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