How to completely wean a 15 month old?

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  1. 15 month old DD is finally night weaned and sttn (hoorah!) - has been for about 2 weeks. During the week, since I'm at work, she only nurses 2ish times a day - in the morning right after she wakes up, and before bed (she sometimes also asks to nurse right when I get home from work, but I consider that Part I of the bedtime nursing since I nurse from one side when I get home, and the other side an hour later before I put her down). I need to wean her all the way, b/c I need to cycle again, and soon (I'm turning 43 in a few weeks). I'm kicking myself for not doing this sooner, but I can't go back in time.

    DD is pretty attached to the 2 sessions, and on the w/e she asks to nurse at other times too, but I try very hard to resist, mostly by distracting her. She can get pretty upset and sad, and it's hard - she really seems like she's not emotionally ready to give it up, but I feel like I have no choice. Given that's the case, how on earth do I wean her off these last 2 sessions w/out devastating her or doing some sort of crazy emotional damage??? Ok, I'm sure (I hope?!) that won't really happen, but you get my point...

    Of the 2 sessions, she seems most attached to the morning feed. I read a bunch of the nursing/weaning books, but other than distraction, didn't really get a lot of take aways about how to make this work. Oh, and she won't drink cow's milk or take any sort of bottle or sippy or straw cup from me at bedtime.

    Any tips, suggestions, stories would be much appreciated - TIA!

  2. I weaned my DS around 16 mo and my DD around 18 mo. Truthfully it was pretty painless with each of them. When we stopped, they never really asked for it anymore. I would think it would get much harder as you approach 2 yo. At 15 mo, they tend to forget things rather quickly. So you might have a few hard days, but then it will get better. I would just say: "Milk is all gone" and redirect. I would bet she will start to drink more milk when she weans.

    Good luck!

  3. I just had to do the exact same thing, wanting to do a FET!

    Do you have your period back? Are your cycles regular? The first thing I will say is that no matter what your RE says, it really isn't necessary to wean if you are bfing so little and have your period back! I did a ton of research on this, and could not find a shred of definitive proof that bfing would affect implantation, pg, etc---REs seem to do it purely as a precautionary measure, but at most your prolactin may spike for an hour or so when bfing and the whole uterine contractions thing, well, very very unlikely that it prevents pg

    So, first ask yourself if you think it will make a difference in your cycle! If you think even just a bit that it might affect the cycle, then of course proceed with weaning! I truly felt my two daily bfing sessions would not make a bit of difference, so convinced my RE to proceed and he had no issue with it

    But, I was very very slowly attempting to wean my dd in the meantime, thinking that by the time I actually had a tx I might be closer to weaning, and would try not bf dd for the few days when implantation might occur (maybe, but I wasn't scared to keep doing a wee bit of bfing either)

    As for the weaning itself, well, my dd refused bottle etc, too, for the longest time, but I would keep a bottle on hand while I bfed and would slip it in her mouth and slip my nipple out---She at first would refuse(and I mean, maybe for several weeks refused!), then gradually would suck a couple times and take my nipple back----And, over time she took the bottle longer and longer---I also did the distraction thing and really didn't think it would work, but the key is that even if you can distract your dc for a few seconds, that is SOMETHING, so for example my dd would be scratching at my shirt and start whimpering and I'd say "hey look at this!" and show her a book (she's a book lover) and sometimes she would only be distracted for a second or two, but sometimes longer! Then when she was taking the bottle a bit more, I would try give her the bottle without the boob first, in combo with the distraction---- So, over the course of about three months doing this, she weaned! Oh, and I also did the nipple removal technique in the No Cry Sleep Solution, so she was not nursing to sleep any more either, so I think those three things combined did the trick!

    I honestly thought there was NO WAY I could ever do this, that she just would be persistent, but it was so gradual, it was as though our routine just gently evolved into no boob!

    GL, HTH,
    (btw, I now have an insane bottle junkie, but am dealing with it, again gradually lessening how much bottle she gets, switching to smaller bottles, etc, and I'm sure she can kick this habit too!)

  4. Thanks jennifer and mindy!

    Jennifer - assuming you had been nursing 1-2 times/day at those ages, did you try to do something gradual for each feeding (like keeping up the feeding but gradually reducing the length of time), or did you just drop 1 of those feedings at a time, or drop all of them at once?

    Mindy - Yes, I've had my period and regular cycles for a while, but I've actually done 2 natural/low stim cycles at New Hope these past 2 months, and they were a total bust - the egg disintegrated upon ER the first time, and the 2nd time it was too small. New Hope's view is that the BF *may* be having an impact on both timing and quality in a way they can't really determine. And my former RE (Davis at Cornell) doesn't really agree with this, but DOES feel strongly that max stims could have an impact on the quality of the milk in a way that is also not quantifiable b/c there is just not enough data on it.

    So, given all of the ambiguity, and my age, I want to do everything I can to maximize my chances - plus I'm still not entirely comfortable w/the potential impact on the milk - so with all of that, I'm going to wean and go back to Cornell. I'm giving myself 4-6 weeks to drop the 2 remaining feedings. Of course it's not as easy a decision as I'm making it sound, but I'm thinking in the long run, DD will benefit more from having a sibling than from having BF for a few more months (b/c I know I wouldn't want to do it for much, much longer anyway).

  5. I just dropped down to one feeding without any shortening of the feeds. When I was dropping the final feed, I think I did every other day for a couple of days and then dropped it completely.

    Hope that helps and good luck on your cycle!

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