how to calculate weight difference percentage?

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  1. Today at my growth scan my identicals were estimated to be 6 ounces apart in weight. Nobody was concerned, they are growing well for gestational age, etc, so neither am I, but I am just curious how to calculate the percentage of discordance as I *S U K K* at math....


  2. It is the bigger minus the smaller over the bigger's weight

  3. thank you morgb! how are your boys doing? and you?

    OK, so mine have a 8% discordance at 32 weeks. everything else is fine. my doctor told me yesterday we will try for 37 weeks and then do a C-section. I cannot imagine lasting that long, but will give it my best shot... and of course that could change at anytime depending on events.

  4. Beth, in my experience the usg estimates are very rough and the errors are measured in pounds, not in oz. My little ones were estimated to be 8 lb and one was 6.1oz, another 7.2oz. We had many ultrasounds and the errors were consistent with each other. It's based on the tummy circumference and babies all have different proportions. Though, now that I think of it, may be it's more precise for the identicals since they should have the same proportions?

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