How tired are/were you in the 3rd tri?

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  1. I am 29w3d with twins and OMG I am so exhausted all the time. Yesterday I took three naps! Today I have had one and could take another right now, but we have a CPR class tonight and I am trying to get some laundry done before we go.

    I have been off work for the last month, not specifically on bedrest but just limiting my activity. I was feeling pretty good up until a couple of weeks ago, and now I am just so tired I don't know how I can function through the next 8 weeks. I was in good physical condition before getting pg and usually am very very productive, but I can't do anything these days.

    Anyone else experiencing this?

  2. Jill, I am exhausted, and I've been on bedrest for 5+ weeks! I think it comes with the territory. Since I was in the hospital for so long, I struggle even making up and down the stairs once a day at home

    Take it easy girl!

  3. I hear ya on the stairs! We have a three story house and it's really hard getting around these days. I wonder if it's a self fulfilling prophecy though - do we get more tired because we're inactive?

  4. Your post got me wonder. I'm almost 12 weeks, close to the end of the first trimester. I'm also pregnant with twins. DH said at some point, I may need to start walking to get in shape. He said natural birth takes lots of energy, and a woman in shape would have a better chance of natural child birth (when did he become an expert?).

    If I would be this tired in the 3rd trimester, how on earth can I exercise?!

  5. Swimming is supposed to be good and not too tiring even in the third trim.
    I try to do it about twice a week, helps with back pain too. Unfortunately it gives me knee pains, can't have everything perfect I am in the second trim, also tired all the time with twins.

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