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  1. I am 44 and will be travelling from Canada to the US in the very near future(I hope) for a DEIVF transfer. Of course I will ask at my clinic, but I was curious for those of you who have had to fly after a transfer.....or even just travel.......what did your RE/Nurses soon after transfer did they recommend flying? I'd also love to hear what you all did as far as bedrest, etc.
    How much prior to transfer to they want to have you at the clinic? I will be using frozen sample so everything will be at the clinic prior to my arrival.

  2. okes -

    We will be traveling to SDFC from Atlanta for our upcoming de cycle. We will be there one day before anticipated retrieval - DH to do his part and me for us and labs. SDFC said 3 days bed rest after transfer - and specifically add that means feet off the floor. I do know some clinics just say rest day of and that some say travel is fine day after. If I were driving I would probably be fine doing that during the three days, but we will be flying so will take the extra days since it is a 4.5 hour flight and want to do everything they say.

    Where are you cycling?


  3. I will be travelling to Cooper Center for IVF. I'm just trying to plan and gather as much information as I can so I know what to expect. I will certainly follow instructions to a "T" and I wouldn't feel comfortable travelling right after transfer. I will be receiving my first list of donors Mid June.
    Are you cycling soon?

  4. Hi okes!

    The travelling part is tricky. I'm travelling right across the continent. My donor will have had 10 nights of stims tomorrow and they have still told me to hold off booking flights until tomorrow's u/s.

    Like you, my DS is at the clinic, so I plan to arrive the evening before 3days post transfer. If I have a 5-day transfer, then I may only be resting the day of transfer and the day afterwards, then up at dawn to travel home all the next day. It has been tense waiting to book flights.

    Congratulations on going forward.


  5. bed 3 days...and up up and away!!! no worries at all

  6. We are cycling in late July - I don't know if I want to send sperm ahead or just do last minute plane reservations and have a fresh sample. I have heard so many things about freezing sperm and doing it that way I just don't know what I am or am not willing to risk.


  7. Past pregnancies mentioned:

    I've used lots of thawed donor sperm and there were always several million sperm and you only a fraction of them for IVF, so it is a great option for couples who would prefer not to have two people be away from work.

    Good luck!


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