How Old Are You Husbands

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  1. MC mentioned

    Ladies forgive me for invading your board. I'm almost 42 so I belong on the 40-44 year old board but I could use a reference point that I do not think I will find on my board as I am quite a bit younger than my husband. Are there any women out there with husbands in their late 50s to mid 60s?

    I just miscarried our twins this past weekend. You know those lovely intelligent comments people make when you MC, well I've gotten my fill today. I think if one more idiot tells me that my miscarriage is a \"blessing\" because of my husband's age and then makes some reference to his dying I may resort to violence.

    It is not like my husband is in poor health or they have a reason to make the comment. The man is more likely to have an accident felling a tree and crush himself than to have a heart attack. I buried a 41 year old husband before I met my current husband so I just do not believe in numbers anymore but right now I've developed an infection from the mc and I feel so crappy I could really use the moral support of knowing we are not alone.

  2. Pickles,

    Im so so sorry for your loss,Im so sad for you and so feel your pain.

    I believe we cycled together.

    I stoped worrying what people think long time ago cause no matter what,theyll always find something wrong with you!<br /><br />Just ignore them and go on with your life,the most important thing right now is your close family,thats what I believe.

    My husband is 53 and Im turning 47 in July and quite frankly this is no ones business how old you are.

    In other words,dont bother too much with people,its not worth it.

    Take the time for yourself right now cause youll need to heal from this terrible experience.<br /><br />Ill pray for you to be able to cycle once more as soon as you`re ready.

    You can email me anytime,warms hugs,


  3. pickles, i am so so sorry for your loss. People are so dumb. they say the stupidist things. i'm sure they don't think before they insert foot into mouth half the time.
    it\'\'s nobodys business how old you or your husband are, take the time to greive, you just lost 2 little babies. i think they are souls from the time they are conceived. Loss is loss. I also don'[t think anyone else can truly understand it unless they have been there. I have. it helped me to name mine so that later on, when i thought back on it it seemed more real to me. sorry for jabberi ng on. just wanted you to know there are people out here who feel your pain, and i will pray for you. Take good care of each other and never mind the rest. Sue

  4. Dear Pickles - I am so sorry for your loss. I had a few of those ignorant comments, too, but was really surprised at one from a preschool teacher. I had a m/c in fall 2007 and she said that it was for the best because of my dh's health. It threw me for a loop. She's a really sweet girl, too. Please take care of yourself, both physically and emotionally. Hugs to you.

    I turned 51 in Feb. and had my twins 5 days later. My other daughter will be 5 in July, and my dh is 62-1/2. I KNOW that he's older and people don't need to remind me of that. He's also got Parkinson's and has had it for almost 18 years. We obviously didn't have these kids through 'oops' pregnancies and went into it knowing what our difficulties might be. The other night a woman asked my dd if dh was her grand was likely because his doctor adjusted his meds and the results have not been good (so he's going back to the old amounts) and he was walking like a really old man.

    The age things doesn't bother me, and I just tell people that there's no guarantee a 40 year old will be around to see his/her kids grown, married, etc. You are one who already knows that first hand. I've had several friends and former co workers pass away in the last several years, and most of them have been in their 40's. Life does not give you guarantees. Period.

    So to all those who think we shouldn't have kids at our ages, I thumb my nose at them. We are financially set, pretty much, and I'll be SAHM in a few years. We've been married for 27 years and just did the 'empty nest' thing first, and THEN had the kids. Not our choice, but it's the way things turned out and I actually am glad for it.

    Yes, age is only a number. Dh and I intend to be around for many years.

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