How often were you monitered in the first half of you pg?

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  1. Just wondering how often you all were monitered in the early stages of pg to ensure you didn't have IC or other complications? Any info appreciated. I had a pap two weeks ago and won't have another check until I am 18 weeks which is 4 weeks from now. Should I be concerned? I have ZERO history of complications but of course I know twin pg's can throw some wrenches our way. Thanks in advance,


  2. Dear Susan,

    I\'m having triplets and I was seen by the doctor and had an ultrasound once a month until 22 weeks, now it's every 2 weeks until 28 weeks. It seems like you're receiving the same treatment.

    I\'m assuming \"IC\" stands for incompetant cervix. They didn't start measuring my cervix until my 3 hour scan at 19 weeks.

    I\'m not sure what \"zero\" complications means.. no problems with previous pregnancies or good cervix length (now) but your babies weigh 1.5oz each (3oz total) so they're not putting too much strain on your cervix (yet, smile). If you're concerned, try to take things easy, drink tons of water, minimize your workouts (if you are at all) and make sure to put your feet up a couple times a day. It can't hurt!

    All the best.
    23w5d pregnant with triplets (identical boys, fraternal girl)

  3. Thanks for the reassurance Swak. Yes, previous pg very text book, no bleeding or pains this time either. I was thinking the same thing that once the babies start putting pressure on my cervix that would be the time to be more careful. I am not working past 22 weeks which is only about seven to go.

    Glad to hear I am receiving similar attention as you. Congrats on your pg and hoping you make it loads further. How exciting! thanks for your response,

  4. I just saw my peri for the first time yesterday. Since I am AMA and pg with twins he said that I will be seeing my regular ob every 2 weeks as well as getting u/s every 2 weeks. I will see him monthly till 32 weeks and then will see him weekly and go to weekly u/s and nst's. I was a little surprised that he is starting everything so quickly but I am more then happy as I need the reassurance. it will definately help take the stress off from me worrying if I am able to see the babies every 2 weeks.

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