How often should I pump??

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  1. I am using a hospital grade pump to supply my 3 week old with breast milk vice formula. Since she was born, I've been having to mix breast milk with formula because of low supply secondary to hemorrhaging after birth and currently being on Lasix (water pill). I am unable to actually breast feed because my baby can not latch on the right breast at all (even with a shield) and when I get her on the left breast she's either so hungry she's frantic or she falls asleep. Anyway, I give her EBM in a bottle. My question and problem is, how often do I need to pump to eventually get a large enough supply that I won't need to mix in formula? In the mornings I get 2oz per breast but every time I pump after I only get 1/2 to 1oz per breast. My baby eats 3oz every 2-3 hours. Am I doomed to mix in formula until I'm off the Lasix? I tried the oatmeal and the Fenugreek(made me nauseated) to no avail. If I hydrate more...I pee more. Does anyone have any ideas??


  2. You should be pumping at least 8 - 10, 10 being ideal, times a day at this point to establish a good supply. Have you tried Mother's Milk Tea since you can't take fenugreek? I have no experience with it but I know some Mom's that swear by it. Are you eating enough? I noticed my supply would dip if I wasn't getting enough to eat as well as being dehydrated.

  3. Shannon-

    Can you try pumping every two hours during the day?

    I pumped for my older DD, and was able to give her breastmilk exclusively, but I did have to pump about 10 times a day.

    I was going to suggest the Mother's Milk tea too, but does have some fenugreek in it, too. I was also going to suggest the MotherLove More Milk Plus tincture, but again there is fenugreek in there along with a few other ingredients that help boost supply. Here is their do have other formulations without Fenugreek, but I'm not sure if those will upset your stomach either.

    Is the oatmeal making you feel sick, too? Another woman on the boards said she can't eat oatmeal, but would make oatmeal cookies and eat those instead. Hopefully, she (Jen) will post on this thread and have some good suggestions for you.

    How long will you be on the lasix? So many drugs (even OTC) can reduce supply, so I'm hoping when you get off of the lasix, you'll see an increase in supply.

    Do you have an LC you can contact to help with the latch? There is something called an SNS (supplemental nursing system) which might work to help get the baby to latch because she will be able to eat while learning to latch on and not get so frustrated.

    Sounds like you're doing a good job!!! Hang in there!

  4. Thank you, I guess I should pump more often...I think I'm only pumping 7 times a day but for 30 minutes each time. The oatmeal tasted great but I didn't see much response. I must be dehydrated from the Lasix. Oh well, I'll keep pumping and see what happens.

    A woman in my OB office said when babies are early sometimes it takes until after their due date for milk supply to get better...has anyone heard this??

    Is thatsupplemental nursing system where they get formula while they are sucking in addition to your breastmilk? Is a lactation consultant the only place that you can get one? The LC at our hospital charge 95 dollars an hour to

  5. I pump exclusively. My DS will not latch at all for feeding. He now, will play with the boob and suck half heartedly but if he is hungry he better get the bottle or the world will know - not that it will happen but just a FYI. I would pump every 2 hours (set a clock), even after you take DD off the boob. Also, try pumping after a warm bath (with or with the little one). Sometimes just holding her will increase your supply - just hold her to your naked chest - skin to skin. Often if you pump after cuddling this way you will get much more - if you are braver try pumping while cuddling her. If you have help you should let whom ever do everything else but you alone hold her. I was lucky when i got home DH was there with me and he was comfortable letting me hold DS like this while he got food, drink and took messages. I was even able to take hot baths letting the shower head beat barely comfortablly hot water on the boobs. I have seen the hooter warmers but have never used them. In regard to the latch, I would not try when she is hungry - one benefit with cuddling with her topless is that she will migrate to the boob before she gets hungry.

    if you are not getting alot I would say don't go past 20 minutes. go 20 minutes, stop, use warm compress, drink, cuddle and try again in 2 hours from the start of the lask pump session.

  6. hi there -

    I pumped exclusively for my twins until very recently when I dropped it at 6m. For the first 3-4 weeks I did top up bottles with formula and eventually my supply was fine - plenty for both and for the freezer so topping up is not a death knell necessarily. Also, I never pumped more than 6-7 times per day but for 30minutes much as you are doing. In my thinking... and not sure why this wouldn't work for everyone but apparently it doesn't...I pumped as many times per day as the babies fed. No more. I got lots during night time and morning pumpings and a lot less during late day pumping. But over the course of the day it was enough - but only after 3-4 weeks of getting the supply up.

    Just another perspective...

    oh and I did do oatmeal (but only cuz it's my regular breakfast) and TONS of water and boatloads of ice-cream. Don't ask about the ice-cream... it's just what I craved.

  7. Shannon,
    I did eat oatmeal cookies, but don't know how much of a difference it made. Some people swear that eating oatmeal for breakfast makes a difference.

    If you can latch on the one breast, I would also try working on that. Maybe feeding a little with a bottle (1 oz) and then putting her to breast to see how it goes. Feeding her a little first might make her less "frantic". We also had to undress our kids and use wet washclothes to keep them awake in the first weeks. Estabilishing bf (even if it is only on one breast) would be ideal for helping your supply. I also woudn't give up on nursing from the right breast if you can get it established on the left. Babies get better with their latches as they get older.

    Also someone mentioned a supplemental nursing system. There is one called a lactaid (that is the one that is usually recommended because a baby has to suck to get milk) or the SNS (don't have to suck as much). I think you can order them through the companies (Lactaid and Medela). I think you can also make your own. Here is a link that talks about lactation aids and shows how you can make your own:

    I did see a LC and it did cost $100 or more, but it was the best money I spent because she helped me to get my DS to latch. A shield worked for us. Sometimes you can get it covered by insurance (they have to use the right code).

    Good luck

  8. I pumped exclusively for my twins for 15 months. The only reason I did so was because I had supply issues and I physically could not BF them, supplement them and pump every 3 hours. Did that for a couple of weeks and decided it was not for me and that I would supply them with whatever BM I could and spend quality time with them rather than be exhausted. I did have to use Domperidone to increase my supply. Tried everything else and nothing worked for me. I did have a lot going against me...preemie twins, PP hemorrhage, high blood pressure and PP uterine infection.

    Good luck.

  9. Thanks everyone, I am pumping more often and I stopped taking the Lasix. My baby is miserable on the formula because she can't poop as easily so my Dr. agreed to put me on Reglan to see if that helps increase my supply. Has anyone else used this? I feel so bad when I don't have enough milk for her and end up using the formula that causes her so much misery. I'm praying the medicine works.

  10. Did you try domperidone? Its much easier on the system than Reglan - to me anyway. If found that if I drank less than the full 32 oz of water between feedings my supply went down (2 16.9 oz bottles of water). Good luck!

  11. Reglan also can sometimes cause depression symptoms, so please watch for that too. I took Domperidone and it worked great for me. It is not as easily available, but you can get it.

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