how often do you ultrasound to monitor cervix for IC with multiples?

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  1. Hello everyone,

    I am pg with twins at 14 weeks. I was told by a peri that I consulted with for CVS testing that I should have ultrasound monitoring of my cervix every 2 weeks between weeks 16-24 to check for the possible development of IC. I understood this to be because of the multiples -- i.e., more than one fetus can cause a strain on the cervix such that IC can possibly develop, more so of a risk than with a singleton pg. However, my regular peri says that they do not monitor for IC regularly even with multiples. I have insisted on it based on what the 1st peri told me and they relented.

    While I am not a doctor, I feel like common sense and logic would command this monitoring when you are pg with multiples - it's just an u/s, and better safe than sorry, right? This way you could potentially catch the start of an IC and be able to treat it, right?

    I would greatly appreciate it if anyone could shed some light on this topic for me. Does anyone else w/ multiples have this monitoring, and if so, how often do you go, when did you start, and is it also for wks 16-24, and if not, for what weeks?

    Thanks so much in advance.

  2. Congrats on your pregnancy! I am currently 24 weeks with b/g twins. I see my regular OB every 4 weeks (until 26 weeks and then every 2-3 weeks) my OB sends me to a peri that does ultrasounds every 4 weeks to check my cervix and the growth of the babies. I am not sure what all the other ladies are doing, it will be interesting to find out. I think if you are more comfortable with getting the cervix checks then you should do it, pre-term labor is a scary thing and IC is more common with multiples.

    Good luck

    Ohhh, I have been going every 4 weeks to the peri since I got pregnant and will continue to get the scans until I deliver. He does not say any weeks are more important then others, he wants to see me till the babies arrive.

  3. Hi! I am 21 1/2 weeks pregnant with boy/girl twins. My drs have always been very cautious from the beginning. I have had a UTI the whole pregnancy so they watch me more frequent. I was seeing my OB every 2 weeks and my peri every 3 weeks in which they do a cervix check each time. They will keep up with everything probably my entire pregnancy in which I will be going in even more often. I think it is a good idea to get checked often just to be on the safe side. Every 2 weeks right now seems a lot right now unless there is an underlying problem. At least every 3 or 4 weeks sounds a little more reasonable for right now, but I'm definately not a Dr!!! Good Luck! Jen

  4. Hi, I'm no doctor either, but I can tell you how often I'm being monitored!

    I'm 20w5d pregnant with boy/girl twins. I'm 35 years old. I go to a peri group, who are also OBs and deliver babies, so I do not have a separate OB.

    From 16 weeks, I go in weekly for a quick cervix check to make sure my cervix is long and closely. Yes, weekly! Right after the cervix check, the US ladies would do an US and let me take a quick look at the babies, for like 30 seconds.

    Every 4 weeks, I get a detailed growth scan ultrasound, and see a doctor.

    After 26 weeks, I will see a doctor more often, but I can't remember how often, I think maybe every other week.

    Best of luck!

  5. Congrats on the twins! I am currently 18w1d with boy/boy twins, and I will try to make this short but informative. My last pregnancy (also b/b twins) was lost at 21 weeks due to pPROM (preterm premature rupture of the membranes). The doctors are not sure if I dilated first (IC) or ruptured first, because by the time I got to the hospital I was dilated and both babies bags had ruptured fully. During that pregnancy, I was not scheduled for any CL u/s, though I did get growth u/s every 4 weeks (or was supposed to--never made it far enough to get more than 1). At my last u/s (19 weeks) my cervix was over 4 cm and everything looked something happened between 19 and 21 weeks.

    This pregnancy, I had a preventative cerclage placed at 13w5d. I had a CL u/s at 16 weeks, and my next one was not supposed to be until 20 weeks (he said every 4 weeks was all I needed). But I wanted one in between, so I had my OB call and request another one which was this week (almost 18 weeks). Each time it has measured over 4 cm, even with pressure.

    So, my peri says every 4 weeks is all I need, but luckily I have an OB who will do whatever I want (because I'm a worry-wart!) so currently I'm getting them every 2 weeks for the time being. I will probably keep that up until I'm out of my scary zone (maybe around 24 weeks). My peri said around 28 weeks I can probably just see my OB and not go to him anymore.

    Sorry that was long, but I wanted to give you as much information as I could! I hope that helps, and good luck with your pregnancy!


  6. I lost g/g twins last year in July at 22 weeks and 6 days. I wasn't being monitored then so I really shopped around for a perinatologist that's willing to monitor this pregnancy (twins again!) closely and has no hesitation to order hospital bedrest even if I am not yet at the point of viability.

    My perinatologist right now monitors me weekly and will probably monitor me that way the whole pregnancy as my I am still bleeding a week after my cerclage (he said it was because of a very vascular cervix being irritated by the stitch). Our plan initially was every other week monitoring until 18 weeks where I will be in complete bed rest with weekly monitoring and hospital bed rest starting at 28 weeks. With the bleeding though, I'm now on bedrest until it stops and I'll have weekly monitoring as well.

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