How many times and what do you eat when you are carrying multiples.

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  1. My main job as of now is to take care of myself for the babies sake. I sleep, eat, drink as much water as possible and run to the bathroom every 20 minutes. I try to eat very often but it is so hard with the morning sickness. I eat mostly grain, cereal, dark green veggies, whole milk, beans and fruits. I know I need meat but I don't even want to think of meat, what can I substitute meat with?

  2. Hi thodorisl. I'm having a really hard time with food too. Nothing is all that appealing. I've been ok with yogurt and fruit in the morning. I'm able to eat cheese - that gives you protein and milk, and I was eating peanut butter on toast, which my OB says is very healthy.

    I don't know how far along you are, but both my RE and OB haven't been concerned too much about what I eat (I'm almost 11 weeks), as long as I'm taking the prenatal. Hopefully, I'll be more into food as the nausea goes away (hopefully) in the 2nd trimester.

    Good luck!

  3. I'm trying to follow Dr. Luke's recommendation of gaining the most weight in the first and second trimester. She recommends 24 pounds by 24 weeks. So far, I've gained 15 pounds in 18 weeks. It was difficult to do in the first trimester, but now that morning sickness has gone, I am much better able to manage my food intake. I have been eating three solid meals a day and not doing a lot of snacking in between. I may have to start snacking in order to ramp up the calories. I'm a vegetarian, so protein is a challenge.

    Good luck! We all want plump, juicy babies at the end!

  4. I am pg with mono/di twins. I am also a vegetarian. I have gained 20 lbs. at 33 weeks. My OB and my peri (both at a Harvard-affiliated teaching hospital) are both happy with the size of my babies. They are both in the 25%ile for weight. That isn't huge by any stretch but DH and I are tiny people (I am 5'1\" and 96 lbs when I am not pg). My OB specifically said that having me gain excessive weight would contribute to my discomfort and back pain.

    I haven't made many major adjustments to my diet. I have increased my consumption of milk and yogurt. Every once in a while, I have a Boost or Ensure when I am not super hungry.

  5. Snacking on nuts and full-fat milk, cheese and yogurt helped me put on some needed pounds. I gained 45 lb (back to baseline effortlessly 9 mo after having my twins) and delivered 6+ lb twins at 38w5d. Best wishes on your twin pregnancy!

  6. I would be very careful with Dr. Lukes recommendations if you gain weight easily. I started off with a BMI of 19 so even though i am in range according to her recommendations of 45 pounds at 29 weeks i am in the upper range of my category. I could not and still can not eat 3500 calories-i eat about 2000-2500 calories and i have had no problem gaining weight. It is probably because i am not exercising, surfing, scuba, running like i used to do! and i have a always had a metabolism of a turtle- but even so no problem. And my sister who followed it and did eat the 3500 calories ended up gaining 100 pounds with her twins-so just a warning for the slow metabalism gals out there like me-be careful! Don't get me wrong i love her book and follow the nutrition guidleines i just don't eat the amount she recommends. Oh and i am 29 weeks now and my twins are measuring ahead right now and were almost 3 pounds each at 28 weeks!
    to the OP i did supplemt early on with a protein drink(ask your ob though which kind you should use cause they usually don't want you drinking the \"gym\" kind.) I also ate and still do eat 2 eggs every morning for protein. Beans are good source of protein as well as cheese and these went down easy for me as well. Be careful of cheese it can cause constipation though.

  7. i eat about 5 mini meals a day...all with a good amount of protien in them because I feel like i am going to faint sometimes if I don't eat a lot of protien. i am still pretty early at almost 20 weeks and we are newly living in denmark from the us. the guidelines are much different here, they pretty much say eat whatever you want and don't worry about eating when you don't feel like it. they say to eat what you want, when you want, and that how much you eat/gain doesn't necessarily have anything to do with how much your baby weighs. they say women who gain a lot sometimes have small babies and women who gain a little sometimes have huge babies. they basically are under the belief that your body will take care of itself and have never heard of Dr. Luke. I am hoping they are right, because someone gave me Dr. Luke's book at the very beginning of my pregnancy and there is just no way I can follow it. That is way too much eating for me and I think I would feel sick all the time if I were eating that much. I don't have a scale and they actually don't even weigh you at your pregnancy appointments here, so I have no idea how much weight I have gained. I would guess I've gained about 15 pounds. I weighed 127 before and am 5'5\".

  8. I used Dr. Luke's book as a guideline as I knew there was no way I could eat as much as she suggested. I did eat every couple of hours and most of the time it would keep the nausea at bay. If my stomach got too empty, I would get sick and that was actually worse than just feeling cr*ppy, imo. I did try to get more protein than I normally eat. Cheese, lentils (Progresso low fat lentil soup is my favorite) or other beans, yogurt (especially the greek kind and the low fat (not no fat) was fairly high in protein) as well as eggs are all good protein choices. DH when I was home made me milk shakes (put the ensure in it) for extra protein. I gained a total of 70 lbs with triplets (although 20 occurred in the last 2 weeks I was pg and I still think it was due to the beginnings of pre-e). I delivered at 32w5d and my babies weighed 4lbs5oz, 4lbs 3oz, and 3lbs 10oz. The girls were home in less than 2w--had to learn to eat, swallow and breathe at the same time and prove they could gain weight. Oh, and I lost all the weight, although not the inches, within 3w of their birth. Inches took a little longer--closer to 12w to wear regular pants for me.
    Good luck!

  9. I am 23w5d and am now finding it harder to eat as I am getting bigger every day. I gained the 25 pounds by 20 weeks that Dr. Luke recommended but I've only gained 2 pounds since then and haven't gained anything in the last week at all. I am glad I put on the weight earlier because I can really see how eating is going to be a problem going forward!

    I do make sure that everything I do eat is healthy. I buy only organic and cook most of my own meals so I can control fat, salt, etc. We eat a lot of red meat (I am married to a Texan after all) and I am from California so there always is something green on my plate. I get extra calories from using whole milk or cream, and occasionally I treat myself to things like ice cream or milkshakes or nachos (which I usually make myself).

    Lately I am finding that I am only hungry at breakfast and then it's a challenge to eat the rest of the day. I can usually get a good lunch and a light dinner in but that's about it now and I expect it will only get harder going forward.

  10. Just an FYI Dr. Luke is a dietician, not an ob/gyn or peri. IF your OWN ob or peri is ok with your weight gain I would not let her book freak you out.

  11. I abandoned Dr.Luke's book as soon as I finished reading it. I think that what is missing in this book is the individualized approach. As one of the girls pointed out - everyone has a different metabolism. On top of that I am allergic to milk and eggs.
    I am sure that this book will be very useful to some women, but not for me.
    As for organic foods - they are too expensive and not always regulated well enough to know that you are paying top dollar for something real. I can not feed my whole family organic foods, so the babies will have to adjust too When I was PG with DS I did not think of the diets and he turned out just fine Of course, since I also live in CA, I am exposed to all kinds of diets here ranging from healthy to bizarre. But being a transplant from another country where people eat differently and are still alive I think that a healthy moderation in everything is the key. It is good to listen to your body and not torture it for the sake of some theory that might be not correct.

  12. proffbio, you're right, I didn't notice that before. However, she does have solid credentials - she's an ScD, MPH, RD and a professor of OB/GYN, epidemiology and public health at the University of Miami medical school. She's also got a strong history of working in multiples clinics and has published a lot. I do think her experiencce is valid - the key takeaway being, IMO, that maternal weight gain is directly correlated to fetal weight gain. I am trying to avoid the NICU at all costs and that's why I'm working towards my own personal goal of \"big fat babies\" - but yeah, there's still no way I can eat 3500 calories per day, nor do I think I personally need to.

  13. I would hope that anyone would take information given (i.e., Dr. Luke and OBs, etc) with the grains of salt needed.
    Dr. Luke's research is substantiated by many sources and though I cannot take in the 3500 calories she recommends, I am trying to increase my weight before I hit the third trimester. I wouldn't know how many calories I am eating during a typical day, but I know I'm eating well.
    As for OBs, even those who have followed us for years aren't in our skin. They can give us their advice and their recommendations, but ultimately, we have to advocate for ourselves and do what is best. I don't think OBs, or REs are the be all and end all of twin advice. My RE told me that I could work until July 1st. I already know that this won't be possible. We all know ourselves best and we should continue to take in all the information we can and then do what WE feel is best for us. No one can know us like we can.

  14. I read the Dr. Luke book and follow it's guidelines with modification. The modifcation being that I certainly don't eat 3500 calories a day. I tried hard to reach the 25lbs by 20 weeks guideline. I was able to gain 23lbs. But like Jill, since then, I've only gained another pound or two. I am having a hard time eatting since I already feel stuffed. But, something must be working: the twins are in the 52nd percentile (on the singleton chart) for size/weight right now.

    On a side note, my OB had not heard of the Dr. Luke book. But when I explained, he said that he agreed with her guidelines that I needed to gain about 50lbs (her book said b/w 45 and 50 lbs). Before getting pg I was 145lbs and I'm 5'8\". BMI was 19.5.

    Also (and this is annecdotal), I have two family members who had twins. They both said how TOUGH it was to gain the in last trimester b/c they felt full and the babies use up so many of the caloric intake. Both aunts LOST weight in the third trimester. So for me, I guess it made sense to eat early and when you can....

    Good luck!

  15. I have to say, I haven't ever heard of Dr. Luke, but you guys have completely scared me off. I know it's recommended by some to gain a lot of weight in the first trimester, but I literally cannot. I'm eating as much as I possibly can, and almost always at the risk of puking. If I'm just going to throw it up, doesn't seem much point in eating.

    My doctor seems pretty laid back about the weight gain too. Her overall recommendation is 25-40lbs. Hopefully I'll start putting some on once I get into the 2nd trimester. I definitely have a little bump, even with no weight gain.

  16. I'll add in here. I was also freaked out by the Luke book, but I found her basic premise to be very logical. There was no way I could make 3500 calories either, so I aim for 3000, but I would say I averaged closer to 2500. Since my normal intake pre preg was probably around 1800 (I am a bit fruit and veggie gal so I have a low cal diet normally), this was enough to add on the suggested weight.

    One thing I have been studious about is protein. Again, I don't follow the 165g suggested by Dr. Luke, but I do make sure I get at least 100g/day. I have used protein drinks like Ensure Plus and now whey protein powder recommended over the drinks at my local nutrition store. One aspect of nutrition that every source seems to agree on is the importance of protein through pregnancy.

    I did work hard to gain the 24lbs by 24 weeks and I have to say that I am glad that I did. I am now almost 30w and have been barely able to maintain the same weight for the last four weeks, despite them having put on a two pounds each. And I have been pushing myself to eat. Eating is difficult, digestion takes forever, and the babies seem to burn everything I put in. I think if I hadn't put on some reserves in the first half of the pregnancy I would be struggling more now with things like fatigue, anemia, etc.

    My OB has me on two vitamins a day and I can tell on the days when I miss one. I just feel more sluggish.

    So- I would agree with pps who said to take things with a grain of salt, and adapt it to what works for your body and metabolism.

    There's a multiple pregnancy book by Elizabeth Noble, I found it in the library, which has a great section on nutrition and protein substitutes for meat.

    Congrats. Good luck. The morning sickness does pass.

  17. Oh I guess I'll \"weigh in\" haha.

    I started my pregnancy (mono/di twins-I am 34 weeks) with plenty of extra cushioning (or maternal stores as I like to say!). As of today, my total weight gain has been about 6lbs.

    According to my OB, the issue is not how much I gain, but rather how my babies are growing. And they're doing great. As of last week, they were both in the 50th centile for weight with one at approx. 4.5lbs and the other at 4.8lbs.

    The key is make sure you are eating a balanced diet and if that is hard for you for whatever reason (sickness, dietary style, aversions etc) maybe take some vitamins. The reality is that your body is feeding those babies first and you second.

  18. Just wanted to add my two cents

    I didn't follow any kind of diet while I was pg with my twins. I tried to eat sensibly most of the time, but I totally gave in and indulged when I wanted to as well I ended up gaining about 26lbs total and my twins were born 7lbs8oz and 6lbs7oz. I wouldn't stress so much about how much you gain as long as the babies are growing. They will take everything that they need from you.

    Good luck!

    Nate and Emma 1w4d old

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