How many IUI before BFP

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  1. We are starting IUI with Donor Sperm in August... We have had 3 failed IVF and need to know what I am up against with IUI.

    Thank you,


  2. Hi coleen

    DH & i have had 4 failed IVF's & have now also moved on to IUI w/DS . My first & second IUI were unmedicated and BFN's we are currently in the 2ww on our third which is a medicated cycle using Gonol-f. hoping for better luck.

    good luck to you


  3. I did 3 cycles w/ gonal f and IUI before I got my bfp. I am now 11w w/ a singleton.

  4. I thought I would have more people answer the poll... Hmmm

    Thank you guys.


  5. I am 5W1D pregnant after my 1st IUI. We went straight for an injectible cycle.

    My DH has severe MF. Morphology 1% with a count around 20-34 million.

    This cycle we had 2 eggs and 12 million sperm.


  6. 4th try with donor sperm, unmedicated cycle.... finally got BFP after HSG. Had to clear those tubes out!! Good luck to you!


  7. We did 3 cycles with Clomid + trigger then moved on to injectibles. It worked on the 5th try (so the second injectible cycle). I just got my positive beta yesterday!

  8. marlene_a-michelle

    RE just had me do a HSG after 2 IUI's unmed BFN & 1 medicated IUI BFN.
    It ends up that my rt tube is partially blkd, but he also mentioned that the HSG has been known to clear the blocking (removing any debris that may be in the tube) I thought he was just trying to make a bad situation better but after reading your post I have some x-tra hope for my next cycle this month. TY

    Were you previously told that you had a block? or was this your first check? This was my second time 1st was the most painfull experience of all!!! & i had no blks this time 4yrs later took some muscle relaxers felt almost nothing & they saw a partial blk

    Good luck to all hopfully I can post on this poll soon.


  9. We just finished our first IUI w/DS and got a BFP

  10. Hi,
    I am a newbie. I did my first IUI late June and got a BFP. There are 2 sacs, but hcg is not going up, so I am waiting to miscarry. Doc says if it doesn't happen by Tues. he'll do a d and c.
    I was so concerned about not being fertile anymore-I am 42 and have an almost 3 year old-so it was a relief to get a BFP right away. Now I have a new worry-carrying pg to term.

  11. hi!. we did 2 IUIs with clomid and got a BFP on the 2nd try. beta rising nicely going for an ultrasound in a week , fingers crossed

  12. I am also a newbie here. We just finished our first IUI cycle. I am now 17dpiui and BFP! My first hpt was not positive until 14dpiui though. First beta 15dpiui was 308; second beta today, 17dpiui was 700.

    Best of luck to everyone!

  13. habibelch- can i ask you a question? you said your first HPT was not positive until 14dpo. had you tried any before that or was that your first test of the cycle? I am at 10dpo and got a negative. which i know dsnt mean much this early but just wondering


  14. i got a + on my 7th IUI

  15. FMom- still doing well? did you have your u/s yet??

    btw- what # inject. iui was this?

    so happy for you !! lynn

  16. Thats great FM!!!! I just had my 7th iui this morning so mabye you will bring me some good luck :-)


  17. FMom- still doing well? did you have your u/s yet??btw- what # inject. iui was this? so happy for you !! lynn

    lynn-sorry, just saw this msg today!
    i had u/s at 6.5w and 11w6d...and next one i will be 18w3d.

    this was my 3rd injectible cycle.
    but im pretty sure it was the suppression meds i took that helped.

  18. iui# 8 bfp +++++
    I started stick testing at 9dpo got the faintist line 10dpo.
    I am awya on a trip so wont get betta till 16dpo. Will come back w/ bettas

  19. I failed 4 fresh IVFs and finally got pg. on my 9th donor sperm IUI cycle..
    never give up

  20. I'm in disbelief right now. After 3 failed freshed IVF, I have a + on my HPT this morning. THis was my first try on DS IUI. Funny how life works sometimes.

    I tested 10dpo (BFN), 12dpo (BFN), 15dpo (very faint +), and now 16dpo (faint + on same test strip and BFP on clearblue). So I guess the tests that are used make a difference.

    I will have to change the + on this one to a - ... I have a chemical pregnancy. So I guess it will take me more than 1 IUI to get a live birth!

    Update : after waiting a few months to try again, I am now 5weeks preg (first beta at 16dpo was 491). I did a clomid cycle with ovidrel this time.

  21. rula

    Congratulations I am so happy for you!!! I personally never used different sitcks. but sometimes you just might have a late implanter :-)


  22. The tests I was using were not very sensitive...

  23. 4 with son, 3 with daughter.

  24. I started trying at age 42.

    Over past 3 years I've done more IUIs than I can count, and attempted at least 7 IVF cycles (I've lost count because several were converted to IUI due to poor response of 1-2 follicles, max 5 retrieved/2 transferred, both high and low stim w various combos of meds; I think I've only had 3 transfers; none took).

    Finally got pregnant at age 45 on a non-medicated IUI cycle.
    Now 11 weeks and keeping my fingers crossed that all goes well.

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