how many follies at time of IUI that you got bfp?

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  1. how many follies did you have at an optimal size for the IUI that gave you a bfp?

  2. i didnt vote because for each IUI i had a different amount of good sized follies(plus ive never had a bpf)

    i did 4 clomid cycles (always have 1-2 follies) and 2 injectible cycles (one cycle i had 3 follies and the other cycle i had 2).

    also...did your RE caution you about HOM with 3+ eggs at the time of IUI?

    my RE said (the cycle i had 3 follicles) that i was high risk for twins. ha! i need a pregnancy first! then i can worry about how MANY eggs implanted!
    i dont even know if they fertilize.

    do you think your 3+ eggs(at time of IUI)increased your chances of 1 fertilizing/implanting?(i think i may go start another poll)

  3. 7 pregnancies (two live births)

    4 - one follicle

    2 - two follicles

    1 - three follicles

    Good luck!


  4. Of my two monitored pregnancy IUI cycles, the first one I had one egg measuring 18 the day of trigger. The other I had three eggs measuring 24, 19, and 17. Singleton both times. I had five mature eggs on one cycle, but my re cancelled me. I think three mature follies was as many as he would let me do.

  5. Two pregnancies, 1st one was 2 dominant follicles and this one was 3.

  6. samioluk-how did your 24 size egg not ovulate before the IUI?
    i always lose my biggest egg it seems...(even if its 20 or 21...nevermind 24!)

  7. I had 2 mature follies with both my successful IUIs. My first, I ended up pregnant with a singleton, my now beautiful 3-year old son.

    This one, I am pregnant with twins. I had one immature one (nearly at 18mm) so my RE wasn't sure if it was viable or not.

    Good luck!!

  8. Just wanted to know if there was a clinic in either NY or Colorado where you had a successful preg using iui?

  9. i'm in ny. last time 1 iui (back to back so two in two days), pregnant with dd. this time, 2nd iui, back to back again, 2 eggs, 1 only 16mm on clomid..dr and i thought unviable..BFP...TWINS . really was trying to avoid a multiple pregnancy and lookey what happens. i risked 5 mature eggs with dd..what were we thinking?? ended up with just one though.


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