How many embys transferred vs viable fetuses?

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  1. How many donor embys did you transfer and how many heartbeats did you see at the viability scan? Any thoughts?

  2. ours were donor egg, not donor embryos, not sure which you are asking about. DE probably do somewhat better than donor embryos, depending on whose embies you have- whether they were from another infertile couple, i mean.

    anyhow, we transferred one on the fresh and had one viable pg

    two years later, we transferred one frozen and had one viable pg

    hth, pilma

  3. We transferred a total of 16 embryos made with donor egg (6 transfers, 5 donors) to get one heartbeat. Am currently 9 weeks 4 days.

    Edit: We transferred 3 blasts on this past cycle, two were expanded and one wasn't. I would only recommend that to someone with a track record like mine. If you haven't had several failed DE cycles, then 2 blasts are enough. Having to go through decisions about selective reduction or triplet pregnancy is another kind of hell.

    Best of luck.

  4. Hi youngihm, I hear you! We transfered 3 (FET) this go round and DH and I had to come to a meeting of the minds on selective reduction prior to him agreeing to do this. The only way he and my RE even supported doing this is because of my lining (borderline) and our last failed cycle w/2 youngihmf blasts from FET.


  5. First time (years ago)with DE & DS we transferred 3 and had a singleton. This time we used the same two donors and again transferred 3 and am pg with twins. Both were day 3 transfers.

  6. We did DE/DS and transferred 4 on the third transfer (with a new ED and SD). With the first ED/SD, we transferred 3 fresh and 2 FET blasts and got one chemical pg in two cycles. My daughter is 16 months.

  7. Bumping up this post, for current cyclers.


  8. On my first DE/DS fresh transfer - transferred 2 day 3 embryos and my DD is four.

    On first FET transferred one embryo (day 4) - from original fresh cycle - got BFP, but m/c at 7 weeks.

    On 2nd FET transferred two embryos (day 4) - got BFN

    On 3rd FET transferred two embryos (day 4) and now 26 wks with singleton.


  9. Thought I'd throw my results up there: first Donor egg cycle, used DE/DS. Transferred 3 blasts on day 5; 14 weeks pregnant with twins.

  10. We transfered 2, day 3....8 cell youngihmfect embies.. and we now have 10 1/2 month old boy/girl twins! im so in love... my first ivf with my eggs.. bfn, this was 1st donor ivf and it worked!!!

    good luck to all of you.. for all of you that are just getting started. i have two older children from my young eggies who are 21 and 20 and the love is the exact same!! we are all so in love with these babies.. go for it you will never regret it!


  11. What a sweet, encouraging post Bethy. Thank you!

    1 week to beta....

  12. We transferred day 3 embies, one 6 cell and the other 8 cell. I'm currently 15wks pg with a singleton. We also did a fresh cycle and were suprised it would work the first rry

  13. I transferred one embie and got a BFP. It was excellent quality but my lining was poor.

    This darling embie was from our last fresh donor cycle where we got four embies. On the fresh cycle I transferred the three faster growing embies with no luck. They wouldn't let me transfer four.

    This was my last ever attempt after 18. I also defrosted two other embies from much earlier cycles but they didn't make it.

    You can imagine my complete shock at getting a BFP.

    Best of luck to everyone, I hope so much you get your miracle.

    Do not hesitate to accept the gift of donation!

  14. I don't know how to answer. I transfered 3 and they all implanted but I had progesterone issues that were mistreated by my local doc and lost 2 after the first sonogram. So now I have one.

  15. I transferred two (along with two of my own) and got bfn.

    Second donor cycle was all donor and I transferred 5 3day embryos. Got BFP with a singleton that carried to 37 weeks. SHe is almost 4 now.

  16. On our 3rd DE cycle we transferred 3 blasts and saw 3 heartbeats at the first ultrasound.

    However, one was ectopic. I had to have surgery to remove that pregnancy and my tube. We lost one of the two pregnancies in my uterus shortly after the surgery, but I am currently 26w2d with a baby boy.

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