How many cycles have you done?

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  1. Just curious on how many cycles people have done?

  2. Amv, I have done 3 fresh, 3 frozen, and on Thursday will do my 4th frozen transfer. So I guess that will be 7 total. Only positives I have had is one chemical. So I am hoping 7 is a lucky number for me...Angel

  3. I've done 2 fresh and 1 frozen all BFN. i'll be starting another FET in Aug/Sept. has anyone been advised on when to stop bec your chances are so low it won't work?

  4. i have done 2 fresh. this will be my third fresh cycle... please let the third time be the charm!!!

  5. I have done 2 fresh cycles. I have 2 frozen embryos and I hope to be doing an FET in the near future.

  6. I have done 2 IUI's both bfn, 3 fresh IVF #1 BFN, #'s 2&3 MC and 1 FET MC at 9 weeks. Working on 4th fresh right now, dx MF and this time moved on to DS.

  7. I have done 1 fresh with ICSI and TESE, TESE was negative no alive sperm found so we used the DS we had on hand, it worked!

    our b/g twins are 5 months tomorrow!


  8. I have done 2 fresh and 1 frozen. I will be transferring in 2 days for my 3rd (and hopefully last) fresh. I have only had 1 chemical.

  9. 2 unmed IUI, 3 fresh IVF, 1 FET, 1 DE IVF. 1st IVF chem, all others BFN. Will be doing 4th IVF w/own eggs soon (have 10 DE's on ice).

    My original RE told me that if you do not conceive after 4 fresh IVF's your chances are slim to none w/your own eggs.
    Personally, I think it depends on your dx.

  10. 3 fresh, #3 resulted in DD. Never had any to freeze. Now DD is 18 months old and I am on Day 2 after Retrieval of our 4th cycle. Hoping this one works because I'm not sure how many more times I can put my body through this. Four fresh cycles seems like a lot of life lost to truly is exhausting, emotionally, physically, financially, etc......I am also at the end of my cycle during which I had a horrendous case of poison ivy, so I am extremely beat.

  11. 2 Frensh IVFs-never have had any to freeze!

  12. I'm in the 2WW of my 2nd fresh IVF cycle. 1st IVF resulted in chemical preg. Nothing to freeze.

    7 IUIs and surgery before the 1st IVF cycle. Been at it for 2 years now.

    I do have a DD that's 2 1/2 from IUI in 2006.

    High FSH is my problem. It was 17.3 at the start of this IVF cycle.

  13. fresh-bfn
    frozen-(transfered 3) b/g twins (4 years old now)
    frozen-(transfered 2) early m/c
    frozen-(transfered 2)bfn
    fresh-(transfered 2) pos baby boy (who is one)
    frozen-november 3rd transfer

  14. 3 months Femara-BFN
    2 IUIs/Femara-BFN
    2 IVF Fresh Cycles-BFN
    On to Donor Egg IVF!!!!

    2 Fresh IVFs-never have had any to freeze!

  15. I've done 1 fresh IVF and 2 FET ... so this is my third try for me. I'm waiting to see what happens.

  16. In process on my third fresh IVF. On the previous 2 I had 1 negative and 1 chemical, none to freeze.

  17. I am currently in my 2ww with my third cycle. My beta in on thursday 5/7 and I am going crazy...

    Good luck to all the ladies... BABY DUST!!! STICKY VIBES!!!

  18. IUIs = 3 cycles
    IVFs = 6 cycles
    TOTAL TTC = 38 cycles

    one bfp = ectopic pg.

    Given up.

  19. IVF/ICSI #1 - mc 10th week (girl, no reason found)
    IVF/ICSI #2 - mc 6th week (too early for any testing)
    FET #1 - mc 8th week (boy, trisomy 16)
    IVF/ICSI #3 - BFN

    We're going for round 5 in August or September, depending on how I feel emotionally. My doctor thinks we've just had a run of horrible luck and that I will get pregnant.

    Donor eggs, PGD, and embryo adoption are illegal in Germany so that's out, and my husband is dead set against donor sperm. We're considering adoption if the next round or two fail.

  20. ivf #1 - bfp, m/c at 9 weeks
    about to start another fresh cycle.

  21. 3 Fresh IVF, never had any to freeze, never pregnt
    moving on to IUI with DS as our dx is MFI.
    Hope to have good news this time around !

  22. Began TTC when I was 26.
    I have pcos-ish ovaries. Husband has MFI.
    We did our first IVF in May, I was 29. Chemical.
    We are in the midst of our second IVF right now.

  23. Started TTC at 28yo
    Unexplained infertility
    IVF #1 2005 - DS 10/2005
    IVF #2 failed, but to save the cycle, they did an IUI - DD 08/07

    I have a blog that i hope to reach out to young women who has or is going through this. YOU ARE NOT ALONE!!

    Feel free to email me for the site.

    Take care and good luck to all!!


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