How many Cycles did it take before you got a BFP that stuck?

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  1. Just wondering, my husband and myself are just starting our first Im just trying to figure out what the average in our age range is...thanks.

  2. Ours worked the first fresh IVF but resulted in a chemical pregnancy adn I had a miscarriage. The 2nd which was frozen is the one that stuck and I'm now 26 weeks pregnant!! Good Luck!!

  3. 1st cycle, BFP, then m/c at 7 weeks 3 days
    2nd cycle, BFN
    3rd cycle(new doctor, slightly diff. protocol) BFP- Healthy baby girl
    4th (FET) BFN
    5th cycle, just stimming......

    Best of luck to you!

  4. mantzopoulou~ Congrats on getting started! Every single person's results are SO different. I would caution you on comparing yourself to anyone else. I had pretty lofty goals when getting started but three years, 9 cycles, 2 m/c & several chemicals later I know now that I really set myself up. I hope & pray that you only have to do it once & never again have to think about IVF, but just know there really is no \"typical\" situation.....even under age 30, even though my Re would look me in the face & tell me different. Sigh.

    BEST of luck to you!! Getting started is very exciting, while nerve wracking also. You have come to a great place full of wonderful ladies who will support you no matter what.

  5. We're missing on option on the poll...never had one stick.

    Done 2 fresh and attempted 1 frozen that was cancelled. Never positive for a second. Soon I'll be jumping into the next age category...

  6. I was 25 when we did IVF (first try), fresh cycle. We were very blessed and transfered two and got our twin girls.

    Good luck!

    Hayden and Haley
    18 Months

  7. I've done 5 cycles:

    1st fresh: BFP but m/c at 6 wks
    1st FET: BFN
    2nd fresh: BFP but turned out to be ectopic
    3rd fresh: same as above
    2nd FET: blighted ovum

    Never had a pregnancy stick, and it's really disheartening, especially being so young.

  8. We did one cycle, got pregnant with twins, had a m/c at 10 weeks.

  9. Hi, i had 4 ivf cycles before i had success.

    1st cycle: did not respond to the stims.
    2nd cycle: dominant follicle
    3rd cycle: BFN
    4th cycle: BFP, gave birth to a beautiful son,who is 8 months old.

    Best of luck ladies i hope you all have success, what ever stages you are at.

    Take care

  10. 1st fresh got a bfp and now have a 10 month old son. In the process of trying first round of FET for baby #2. We were blessed to freeze 10 from the fresh. 1st FET transfer is march 5 - wish me luck. best wishes all

  11. got a bfp on 1st cycle, I'm due with singleton in November

  12. 1st IVF, I was 26 transferred 3 so-so embryos got three amazing daughters.

    Now, we're using our final 3 embies for our 1st FET. Hoping for a baby brother or sister, as my girls really want a baby in the house. Who knew? LOL

    I am now 30.

    Goodluck ladies. God has a plan! If we didn't get pregnant, we planned to adopt. Lots of amazing children and babies out there who need a mommy to love them.

    I hope you all get your hearts desire!


  13. Hello,

    I put 2 on the poll. I did IVF#1 and it was BFN but I did FET #1 from that cycle and it was BFP and I have a 10 mo old DD.

  14. DH and I are going to be doing our first cycle of IVF in the spring as well, and I especially am wondering about the \"success rates\" of this age group. I'm new to this site as well, so I'm kind of lurking until we start the process. Thanks for asking the question

  15. I was 27 when we did our first fresh cycle. transferred 2 blasts, froze 4. BFN.

    I am having a hysteroscopy in Feb and hopefully trying a frozen cycle in April.....

    I am hoping to be encouraged by the responses to this thread!

  16. I did my first IVF cycle at almost 26 and with that was blessed with our DD now 2 1/2. Buuuuuut now trying for #2 we've had 7 failed cycles frozen and fresh. I have both tubes blocked at the uterus and we can't figure out why we are failing. We have 3 blast left and I'm scared to try again.
    Sorry for the sob story but I wanted to show that you can get your BFP on the very first try but also have to go through alot to get there as well.

    great luck to all.

  17. I did my first cycle 3 years ago when I was 24 ( Holy cow that sounds so young! ) I got pregnant but lost my son at 24 weeks. Have done to fet's since then and both chemicals. I am starting all over at a place with much higher rates this summer. We did ivf for mf, can't believe the luck we have had

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