How many blasts did you transfer and what was the outcome

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  1. IVF/ICSI transferred 3 3 day embryos (8,7, and 7 cell) resulting in B/G/G all fraternal pg. They are 5 months.

  2. I transferred 2 5day blasts and had 30week pregnancy with twin girls.
    Mom to Sarah Rose and ^Rebecca Rose^

  3. transfered 2 expanded 6 day blasts. Currently 9w with twins. CORRECTION:::::::::: TRIPLETS!!!!!! Just found out at 13 weeks!!!!

  4. transferred 3 7-celled embies (grades 2-3: 1 being the best) due to MF. We now have BGG triplets who are 4.5 months old. (take home babies

  5. since this is in the pg forum, i suspect its skewed towards bfps.

    I transfered 3 - bfn with my first try
    I transfered 3 - bfp with my second try

  6. I transfered 2 blast and one split so now I am pregnant with triplets.
    With my last IVF,we put back 2 of the same quality and got pregnant with twins.

  7. transferred two blasts and one split, so now pregnant with triplets!

  8. Just to mess with the results (hee hee)

    I transferred one 2 day old embryo (not a blast!) and am preggo with identical twin girls.

    I also have a 16 month old from the same batch of embies!

  9. we transfer 3 day5 embies( 4Bb, 3Bb and 3Cc) and I am 16weeks pregnant with twins.

  10. 2 blasts put in, but am pregnant with 3. One egg split.

    So.. 2 blasts, but pg with triplets.

  11. we transferred 3 grade 1 embryos (7, 8 & 9-celled) and i am 12 weeks pregnant with quadruplets.

  12. 2 5 day blast BFP Triplets 2 identical 1 fraternal

  13. Transfered 2 blast grade AAA now 9 weeks pregnant with twins

  14. Transfered two Blasts, one grade B and one grade C, I am now pregnant with twins!


  15. Transferred 2 top quality/perfect/AAA/Whatever you call them Day 3 eggs and now I'm 10 weeks pregnant with Triplets! Yes, that is somehow possible (smile).

  16. Wow - this thread is so encouraging!!! I am in the tww after transferring (2) 5 day blasts. I hope I am able to report a bfp soon

  17. Transferred (2) 5 day expanding blasts and (1) 5 day compacted morulas and I am currently 9 weeks pregnant with twins.

  18. Two blasts took in my first DE cycle, one split, resulting in a triplet pregnancy. Unfortunately, I m/c all three.

    This cycle we transferred three blasts (two 5AAs, hatching, and 1 4AA, expanded) with a new donor. One split again, resulting in a quadruplet pregnancy, which is really scary. The identical twins' heartbeats stopped at 8 weeks and I am now pregnant with fraternal twins. Holding my breath and hoping I'll finally have my babies this cycle!

    It was my 11th transfer (9 fresh IVFs and 2 FETs), that's why we transferred three. Please be careful about how many you decide to transfer. You can see from my case that two times an embryo split into identicals, even with two different donors.

    Good luck!


  19. I was told that my two very good quality blasts would result in a 40% chance of a pregnancy. I got a BFN but then the next time I got lucky with with 3dt and Assisted Hatching instead

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