How many blasts did you transfer and what was the outcome

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  1. Thanks for your input! I am transfering 4 blasts in April! How exciting!

  2. We transferred two 5-day blasts and had twin girls!

    Best of luck with your transfer!

    Mom to Vivian and Naomi (4-1/2 yrs old)

  3. Hi Ukrain baby, I am planning to transfer 5 blasts next week due to age (42).

    Why are you transferring 4 ? just curious? are you prepared for possible triplets?

  4. hi paula,

    we are suffering from unexplained infertility. its my 4th ivf and we can't take it anymore.

  5. wishing you the best of luck

  6. Well, here is my history with ivf:

    fresh, transferred 2 blasts: BFN
    frozen, transferred 2 blasts: BFN
    fresh, transferred 2 blasts: BFN
    frozen, transferred 3 day three 8-celled embies: BFN
    frozen, transferred 3 blasts (with metformin and IVIg): BFN
    frozen, transferred 3 blasts (one didn't look so good; these were the worst of all the frozen ones; with metformin, IVIg, and heparin): BFP, twins

    For me, the problem was definitely implantation failure. And the final key turned out to be heparin (in addition to everything else).

    Did you already look into immune and clotting issues? Just a thought. Good luck!!!

  7. p.s. I think it is rather rare for docs to transfer more than 3 blastocysts.

  8. hi

    thanks a lot for the feedback. yes had immune system and clotting checked. all negative. its more an embryo quality issue we have.

    pls keen on writing your experiences!

    how do you know what is a good blast?

  9. 2 blasts, 29w preg w/ b/g twins

  10. Ukrain baby - I have my transfer on Monday and I'll probably also transfer 4 blasts. Deb67 - are you transferring 3 day or 5 day?

    Maybe we can keep each other posted! My beta will be 4/10.

    Good luck girls!

    Paula xx

  11. I am currently 9w pregnant with twins. We transferred 3 blasts (one frozen and thawed from a cycle in 2004) and two fresh. The frozen and one fresh blasts were great quality, the second fresh blast was decent. I had the frozen blast ready to go because I was concerned that I would not have any blasts (or good quality blasts) to transfer since my last three cycles were 2 BFN and 1 m/c. We still wonder if our great quality frozen is one of the ones that implanted or it if was our two fresh ones. Either way doesn't matter, we are just glad they did! Good luck in your upcoming cycle!

  12. There was no choice for me to vote... I transfered 2 day 3, 8 cells, to get my b/g twins...


  13. I was 41 when we transferred 3 PGD-normal blasts; result: b/g twins.


    P.S. We had another blast which had tested inconclusive, but my RE would not transfer more than 3 despite my \"advanced\" age... I probably would have transferred them all (hard to say in hindsight, though).

    I have a friend who transferred 4 blasts in an FET at age 40 (they were not PGD-tested). Result: Singleton.

  14. 4 blasts~7 month old trips! Good Luck!

  15. 2 5 day blasts - twins
    3 3 day 8 cell and 7 cell and 8 cell, - singleton

  16. First IVF/Icsi 2 AAA blasts which resulted in IDENTICAL twin boys!! 15w6d today!! Good luck and as you can see.... You never know what can happen!

  17. IVF/ISCI 2 5d blasts and BFP with twins!

  18. Ivf 2 5 day blast BFP Triplets 2 identical 1 fraternal

  19. Tx'ed 2 ivf/icsi'ed blasts on day 5, now pg with twins.

  20. Transferred 2 grade 4AA blasts - BFP.....born at 35w and now are 4 months old!

  21. I transferred two fresh blast and I have g/g twins.

    I now have transferred two frozen blast and am pregnant again with twins--do not know the sex yet.

  22. I transferred two fresh blast and I have g/g twins. I now have transferred two frozen blast and am pregnant again with twins--do not know the sex yet.

    Wow! Great life it is!

    ***loss ment***
    I only did a blast transfer once, of two embryos, and that resulted in an empty sac discovered at 7wks.

  23. i tx'd two--no other blasts even made it to freeze..... but they both took and now i'm pg w/twins!.


  24. transferred 2 blasts. pregnancy originally started out as a triplet pg, but fraternal twin was over a week behind and stopped developing at around 8 weeks. Now pg with identical twin boys! 22w1d


  25. Transferred 2 blasts and am pregnant with b/g twins!

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