How many blasts did you have from your day 3 embryos?

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  1. I am in the middle of the wait to hear how many blastocysts we will end up with.

    How did it go with your donor egg cycles? Once you had a certain number of good quality day 3 embryos, how many of those became good quality blastocysts?

    I have heard 50% mentioned a lot, but 50% of what? Fertilized eggs? Day 3 embryos of any quality? Good quality day 3 embryos?

    Thanks for any answers!

  2. Hi there!

    I recently completed a donor egg cycle and I did a split.

    16 eggs total
    14 mature
    we got 7
    of the 7, 6 fertilized
    of those 6, 1 degenerated and 5 became blasts
    we tx 2 and froze 2 and 1 blast wasn't good enough to freeze


  3. This is what we had:

    32 eggs fertilized
    25 growing on Day 1
    20 were good embies on Day 3
    13 perfect blasts
    So we had more than 50% of our Day 3's go to blast, good luck!!

  4. Thank you both for the info!

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