How long until we can cycle again?

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  1. I thought I would ask here first so I can get an idea. I have my d&c today and suppose to go for my f/u appointment onn July 7. I then have another appointment at another clinic to do ivf again (have to change clinics because of insurance). Anyways this will be just before 4 weeks post D&C. My normal cycles are short 22-24 days so I am hoping to be starting AF at that time. Do you think that they will be able to start me right away - i.e. downregulate once 1st cycle comes, and then stim the next cycle? Or do they make you wait longer? I really hope it is the first one because then we can start the process mid July and hopefully be pregnant by the end of August.

  2. honey-I am sorry to hear about your m/c-I too had a D & C about a month ago. My RE said to expect AF in 4-6 weeks. I "think" I just ovulated so I do think I will get AF at the 6 week mark. As far as starting your next IVF cycle, my RE is fine with me starting my FET process with this upcoming period, but I know some REs do make you wait a full cycle in between. Can you call your new RE/nurse and ask them their "protocol" so that you have an idea of timing?

  3. Hi bakar and mariofreitas -- I had my D&C on May 15 at 9 weeks. The RE says my HCG has to go to zero (I was still testing positive on a cheap HPT on June 1) and then it will take another 4 weeks for a period. Then I have to wait until my next period starts. He says he wants my hormones back to normal again and my pituitary gland functioning. I am in my 40s so that might make a difference too.

    The waiting is so hard.

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