How long on estradiol and progesterone???

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  1. I am curious how long people are told to stay on progesterone and estradiol after successful pg from DE.

    We had a DE FET and I am 6w6d. I was on a lot of estrogen (3 2mg tabs orally and 2 2mg tabs vaginally per day) due to less than perfect lining. We saw hb today at u/s & doc on call (not my RE) called with instructions to decrease estradiol to just the oral 3x & to keep progesterone the same. I am nervous to do so and going to email my RE, but wanted to hear others' stories. I appreciate your responses!

    Thanks very much,

  2. Don't be nervous about decreasing the estrogen. Progesterone is more important at this stage. I've read that too much estrogen can be harmful for a developing fetus.
    I once had a BFP but with a low beta. It ended as a "chemical pregnancy ". I had been taking a LOT of estrogen and the doctor I had was too dopey to tell me to decrease the huge amounts of estrogen I was taking and sometimes I wonder if that's why that embryo stopped developing.
    For my successful cycle I had a good doctor who told me when to decrease the estrogen and by how much and everything worked perfectly.

    Good Luck !

  3. Thanks for your response, Stacy! Glad to hear about your successful cycle!

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