How long does your baby/child nurse for?

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  1. I know my supply is back up and *to me*, DD does not seem like she is nursing exceptionally fast or anything. But after 6 minutes on one side she is writhing around and sometimes only stays on the other side for 4 minutes. She is only 2 months old - it seems unbelievable she could just be that efficient at nursing at her age. Any thoughts? (my husband says it looks like she is gassy)How long does your child nurse for?

    Thank you.

  2. hoping - I can't help a ton, because my DS was always a long nurser (but went down to less feedings a day quicker than most) and DD was adoptive bf so I always worried about supply. I just wanted to say that I am so glad that your supply is back up! I also will say that I had a scale and the times I thought DD wasn't nursing very much were often the times that she got a lot, so it is hard to judge. Just watch wet diapers and make sure she is gaining weight. And many babies get to be fast nursers around 3 months, your DD might just be advanced

  3. Yes, just watch "wet," diapers.... Kids at some point do get very efficient, and learn to gulp alot real quick! I remember getting nervous when they started eating in under five minutes.

  4. Wow! How old were they when they did that, LF?

  5. for sure i agree with the wet diaper suggestion. my eldest only nursed minutes at a time and grew like crazy. my mom said you don't make milk you make and then my twins who nursed at the same time were never on long either and they only had one breast each and they grew and thrived. It doesn't take long for them to become quite efficient. Watch her jaw and you should be able to see her suck and swallow. if her weight increases and she has wet diapers you are doing a superb job!!! sue

  6. Wow! How old were they when they did that, LF?

    Ugh, I don't remember anymore

  7. hoping, babe, it'll be all right....

    Nate is exactly the same age as M and he has been nursing less than five minutes at a session for weeks now. and i never even offer the other side till the next feeding 2 or 3 hours later. he never gets two sides at a feeding. and you know he's a pudgemeister.

    now i'm going to be firm with you here: you had an oversupply, then when you thought you lost your oversupply, you probably had a normal supply, now you're back to oversupply, and M will get her thing clipped next week and ALL WILL BE WELL. i promise.


    xoxo, pilma

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