How long did you stim for when you got a BFP?

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  1. How long did you stim for when you got a BFP?

  2. I stimmed for only 7 days (started at CD3) trigger was CD 11 and ER was CD13....

  3. 7 days on antagonist protocol. 3 day transfer of 3 embryos.

  4. 9 days for both my BFN and my BFP

  5. I had 4 cycles. The successful one, I stimmed for 8 days instead of the usual 11 (had a new RE who was convinced we went too long before in an effort to get more eggs, but by doing that the quality suffered.) He was right. We had the best looking embryos ever. Also I went from 300 Follistim 1 Menopur (3 bfn's) to 200 follistim 2 menopur - for what it's worth.

  6. I stimmed for 18 days for my IVF#2 & just got my first BFP ever

  7. I stimmed for 6 days and got a BFP first try (IUI).

  8. very interesting

  9. I stimmed for 14 days.

  10. 9 days on stims (Mix of Gonal-F and Menopur, after crummy E2 levels during the first IVF cycle with Gonal-F alone). Antagonist cycle. No birth control pill for suppression on try #2.

  11. 11 days of stims--started out on 300 of gonal F and decreased midway to 225.

  12. 10 days for both of my bfp cycles- first was take home baby, 2nd m/c twins 9 weeks.

    Third 9 day stims- low e2 few mature eggs BFN.

    4th stimmed 10 days- 2ww now. But embryo's looked good.

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