How long after stopping PIO did you get miscarry naturally

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  1. I am a little over six weeks, but measuring five weeks, so I am hoping since this is very early I can avoid a D&C. Can someone tell me how long after stopping PIO they started to bleed? I know everyone is different. My last PIO was two days ago and hoping beyond hope this resolves on it's own.

    Whoever reads this, so sorry you are on this board too.

  2. First, I am very sorry for your loss. M/C is a very difficult thing to go through both emotionally and physically. I hope you are able to take some time for you during this difficult time.

    Everyone\'s situation/timing is different, but here is mine

    I had a natural m/c after seeing a h/b at 6 1/2 weeks then at u/s at 7 1/2 weeks it was gone. Stopped PIO - started with brown spotting about a week later on and off. Didn't have true m/c until 9 1/2 weeks. I ended up with a D & C anyway 6 months later due to future failed IVF cycle and suspected retained tissue. RE found suspicious looking tissue and sent it to lab and it was inconclusive as to whether or not it was fetal ( I think too much time had passed)

    Again, I am sorry for your loss.

  3. I too am so sorry for your loss! I wasn't on PIO, but was doing progesterone suppositories. Stopped them on a Wednesday (so Tuesday night was the last time I used one) after finding out that morning that h/b was very slow and there had been no growth in a week. I m/c naturally the next afternoon. I had been planning on scheduling a D &C for the following week b/c I didn't want to go the natural route, but it happened very quickly. Good luck to you- take care of yourself.


  4. Tweety and Marie - Thank you for sharing your personal situations and taking the time to respond. I am so sorry both of you had to endure this too.

  5. 2nd cycle - 10 weeks, h/b, then very sick, went for u/s a week later, no h/b.
    miscarried naturally, a little cramping, in toilet and then a day later in shower it fell out, almost no pain. took it to childrens hospital for chromosonal assessment.

    3rd cycle - heartbeat still fluttering inside at 7w 3d, but it measures 4mm and should be 6mm.

    so just waiting. enjoying being pregnant, still am! but knowing what may lay ahead.

    trust your body to know what to do - you dont need Rx to push it further when it is this small. and your body will take a month or so to get back on track. wish i didnt know all this!

    RE said if the PG isnt viable and the embryo isnt healthy (think defects), then it doesnt progress. this happens all the time with 'regular' women, but when so early and non-IVF you sometimes dont know you were even PG to begin with.

  6. I am sorry that you are going through this. M/C-ing was the worst thing that has ever happened to me. I went for an u/s at 8w and found that the growth stopped at 6w, we didn't even get to see a h/b. My last PIO was 7w6d, and I m/c'd 8w5d, so 6 days after stopping PIO. My beta went to 0 after 3 more weeks and I just had my first AF since the m/c. My cycle was 30 days after the m/c.

    Hugs and support to you.

  7. butterflies - i would avoid a D&C unless your body doesnt release naturally.
    like an abortion, any intervention in the uterus may impedede future opportunities. D&C seems quite rough. given the age of your wee one (not unlike mine), it will likely m/c naturally. get a second opinion if a D&C is the only option given to you.

    as for me, im 8w, but measuring 6w, going for second u/s friday, but expect to see no h/b as all my prepregnancy body has returned and im the verge of fierce pms so i expect my second m/c - bracing for impact.

    you are not alone!

  8. hisham_W -So sorry you are going through this too ((HUGS))
    I totally hear you on avoiding a D&C. Last year I had one and I was further along and wished I had waited to try naturally. I am measuring so early. Today is my 6th day off PIO, so getting anxious. I am going for bloodwork tomorrow and will speak to my doctor then. Believe me, I am going to wait as long as I could because like you said, this is so early to be putting myself through surgery. I had a horrible situation physically last year with my D&C and want to avoid putting myself through one again if I could. Hang in there...

    jovelyn - So sorry for what you have been through too. Thanks for taking the time to respond and sharing.

  9. Thanks for all the responses. I did bloodwork today and exactly two weeks after my last bloodwork, my beta rose by 1,000. My progesterone went down to 20. I am off PIO for a week now. They ruled out ectopic already through ultrasounds but are concerned now another implanted in my tube. My beta today is around 2,400. I am wondering if my numbers rose a bit in the early part of two weeks ago and is now dropping. This seems to be neverending.

  10. Hi Anna_Maria,

    It is so sad to know a pregnancy is ending and then have wait weeks or more for it to happen. I just had an ectopic and they gave me methotrexate for it. My previous loss ended with a D&C. I think the methotrexate was easier physically. Not sure if that is an option for you or not.

  11. riccardo morri - Thanks for responding. I am so sorry for your loss and what you are also going through. No, Methotrexate is not an option. I think that is only used for ectopics. My beta went down by 1000 in one day, now down to 1,600, so hoping this is over with soon. If not by next week, I will schedule a D&C. It is a week since stopping PIO.

  12. I also had methotrexate, on Friday. I am wondering how long it will take for my body to pass this. I stopped PIO on monday - so 6 days ago - and I figured I would be bleeding by now, or at least spotting.

    Sorry for all of us that are here. Anyone starting a new cycle in dec/jan?

  13. Still waiting after two weeks being off PIO. I am supposed to schedule a D&C for next week in case it doesn't happen in the next week on it's own. My Beta two days ago was 2,200, so my doctor is still hoping that it will resolve on it's own. I am also having the dilemma that the obgyn my RE referred me to does the D&C in office. I have had them in the hospital and worried about being awake during the procedure in the office. I have nobody else to go to to do it, as I don't want to go to my obgyn for this.

  14. I started bleeding 5 days after stopping Progesterone / 2 days after methotrexate. I was about 25 DPO and HCG was about 800 on the day of the shot. It then took another 23 days for my HCG to get to zero.

  15. i m/c at 11 wks, knowing for 2 that it wasnt viable.
    stopped Progesterone long time ago (5 weeks ago when beta came back BFP)

    i had an Rx and offer for d&C but glad i didnt do it
    while it was hard hormonally and emotionally to wait, it was pain free, no contractions, and my body passed it easily. we took it into hospital for chromosonal analysis.
    Rx starts uterine contractions. because the last u/s showed a faint hb, i didnt want to push it even though i felt not PG a week later.
    d&C seems too invasive, and i trust my body (and all the bodies of all the women all over the world throughout time as m/c are more common than we think)...
    anyway, its over now, so i feel relief and look forward to time to rest and regroup, even though likely this was our last try...

    not a fun board, but good to share and read the 'real' stories behind the sceenes..

  16. At 7 weeks I started having brown discharge but all research told me this was normal. Then had an ultrsound at 8 weeks and was told there was no sac. I had a beta test to confirm. I stopped the meds that same day. I continued to have brown discharge for a couple days. Then I had four days of light bleeding. Then I had a week of HEAVY red blood. I felt ok but some friends told me to go on for a d&c. I was really hesitant to have a procedure if I did not need to. It took a while but I am really glad I let my body clean itself.

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