How Long after BFN did AF come?

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  1. Hello All
    How long after BFN did AF come? I just got my BFN on friday and still waiting for AF!!

  2. My period arrives on the day before or the day of beta and this is my 6th IVF try. All negative.

  3. I don't remember how long I had to wait my 1st failed cycle. This time I only had to wait 4 days. I'm looking forward to getting my body back to normality.

  4. Sorry about your BFN Pixie. Always about two days later.

    All the best,

  5. 4 days after Beta would have been - almost exactly 36 hours after I stopped the Estrofem and Utrogestan.


  6. 6 days later....there she was.

  7. I got my negative results on Friday too and woke up with my period this morning. Are you going to try again? I am going back on BCPs today and will start all over again. This was my first official cycle - 2 others were cancelled due to high estrogen levels before stim drugs were started.

    good luck.

  8. I usually get it two days before my Beta with all my 4 fresh IVF/ICSI, but on my FET I got it one day after I stopped my progesterone suppositories.

  9. two days after bfn and stopping progestrone for both my fresh ivf cycles.

  10. I stopped meds on 5/26 when I got a beta of 2. Today is 5/29 and I still haven't seen AF. Never thought I would be looking forward to it!!

  11. Stef, just wanted to say sorry about your BFN. I guess May just wasn't our month My beta on 5/21 was 4.5 & AF showed up 5 days later. Best of luck to you in the future.

  12. Stopped meds on 5/26 after BFN on FET cycle, got my perios on 5/30.

    - Sally

  13. I can't answer this poll because it came 3 days before my beta.

  14. I started the same day, but it's been way lighter than normal so far. I think it's starting to pick up now, the next day at night.

  15. It came two days after my beta.
    It felt like it was coming around the day of my beta - cramping, etc.
    It was a horrific period -- really heavy.
    Not fun after just getting a BFN

  16. Mine started 4 days after beta. It's been extremely heavy (assuming since my lining was thicker and everything else those meds were doing to my body to prepare for a baby) and I'm currently on day 9. Talk about adding insult to injury...this sucks!!!

  17. Quick question for anyone who can help me. How long have you had to wait when on suppositories for your AF to come after Beta? My last negative FET I didn't even get to my Beta before my AF arrived. I am still waiting for mine now and my Beta was last Thursday...I just want this to be over!!

  18. my neg beta was on a friday as was my last PIO shot. i started spotting on saturday and by tuesday my period was here in all her glory. so four days.

  19. 5 days (6 if you count the day I got the bfn)

  20. took 8 days for me...

  21. I got my negative Beta result today and the RE nurse said that I should expect AF 3-5 days after stopping all medications - which includes the progesterone supp. & estrogen patch.

  22. it took 3 days for AF to come after beta. AF is not heavy though. it's a little lighter and i am on day 2.

  23. AF came 3 days after transfer, 6 days before beta. There was no "prior to beta" option on the poll.

  24. I got AF 3 days after BFN...and now I am the next cycle but it's been only 20 days???? anyone experience this? i read that this is due to stress and my hormone is messed up!

  25. It took 3 days. Very heavy w/ horrible cramping, even after 2 Tylenols. I hate that the pain reminds me of another failed cycle.

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