how far along will you be when you have your first ultrasound?

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  1. I had a donor egg IVF. THey are doing an ultrasound 26 days after fertilization with a day 3 transfer. That is in two days. I am excited and nervous.

  2. For my 1st pregnancy - 6w5d
    For this pregnancy - 6w6d
    The doctors here don't like to do it too much before 7 weeks because they want to make sure there is a heartbeat.

  3. This round, 6w2d. The other two were closer to 6w5d, I think.

  4. if i go in 5 weeks 3 days- just a baseline to make sure a sac is visible- i will probably have them weekly until 10 weeks b/c i had twin fetal demise right before 9 weeks- i won't feel confident at all until i am 12 weeks.


  5. this reminds me of a spinoff Q: how late is it possible to need to wait to see a fetal pole and still have a viable PG?

    i wonder if the fetal pole is visible right around the 6 week mark, if one may ever appear later. it seems like 6 weeks, on the dot, may not be the right cut-off.

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